Is Gojo evil or good?

Is Gojo evil or good? Besides his sheer power, Gojo is mysterious, sarcastic, witty and blunt to a fault. He’s easily the most popular character in the anime. But there’s a Reddit fan theory by user @NonExistingName that suggests otherwise. In fact, the theory suggests that Gojo could be the evilest character on the show.

What is that thing Gojo says? Gojo Satoru Quotes. Dying to win and risking death to win are completely different, Megumi. Searching for someone to blame is just a pain. But no matter how many allies you have around you, when you die, you’ll be alone. I’ve always been a nice guy who cares for my students.

Who was Gojo based on? In many ways, Satoru Gojo is a tribute to the shonen character Kakashi Hatake of Naruto fame. To begin with, both characters routinely cover a part of their face, and they don’t expose their eyes casually.

What is Gojo curse called? Limitless is a cursed technique that allows its user to manipulate space at will. Gojo inherited the Limitless technique from his family, but it can only be truly mastered by one who also possesses Six Eyes. Through cursed energy manipulation, Gojo has absolute control over space at an atomic level.

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Is Gojo Japanese name?

Satoru Gojo (Japanese: 五条 悟, Hepburn: Gojō Satoru) is a fictional character from Gege Akutami’s manga Jujutsu Kaisen.

Satoru Gojo
Created byGege Akutami
Voiced byJapanese: Yūichi Nakamura English: Kaiji Tang

What did Gojo say to get before he killed him?

Conversation. Last words Geto would’ve heard: “You’re my best friend. My one and only [the only one I have].” And the first words that he responds to after death are of Gojou calling his name: “Suguru”. The one who responds is not fake-Geto, but the Geto who is Gojou’s one and only.

How does Gojo say you’re weak in Japanese?

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Who can beat Gojo?

Whilst Gojo’s abilities far exceed that of any ordinary human, he is still human and therefore vulnerable to the abilities of Light’s Death Note. It’s possible Gojo can cheat death, but until he displays such an ability, Light Yagami can defeat the sorcerer.

Why do people not like Gojo?

However, Gojo, like everyone else, has his less than savory tendencies, and he has been known to have more than a few enemies. This is usually due to his extreme arrogance and hubris, which can rub other characters the wrong way.

What is Gojo Infinity weakness?

The Infinity can only be deactivated by the user, or countered by Domain Expansion or Domain Amplification.

What does Gojo stand for?

The company’s first name and product was GoGo, Goldie’s nickname, but another company had already used the name, so the founders came up with Gojo, with the “G” standing for Goldie and the “J” standing for Jerry.

Is JJK copy of Naruto?

The creator of Jujutsu Kaisen had previously come out and said that Naruto was one of the major influences in his work. So it doesn’t come as a shock to many that there are many similarities between both the shows. In both shows, the MCs are part of a trio.

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