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Is Grand Blue worth reading?

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Is Grand Blue worth reading? Grand Blue is an AMAZING MANGA and I highly recommend you guys to read the manga after you have watched episode 1 of the anime to get the voices in your head. Shifting away from the “on how to watch” (which is up to you), the adaptation is so far on point with the manga which makes me very happy!

Is Grand Blue a Seinen? Grand Blue (ぐらんぶる) is a monthly Seinen Manga written by Kenji Inoue (creator of the Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts Light Novels) and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka (of the Amagi Brilliant Park Manga fame).

Is Grand Blue on hiatus? Conversation. “Grand Blue” by Inoue Kenji, Yoshioka Kimitake is going on sudden hiatus for a while due to the health of author Inoue Kenji.

Does Aina like Kohei? Kōhei Imamura: Aina and Kohei are both part of the diving club and are friends, though they do not have that many interactions. When they first met, Aina asked Kohei out due to his good looks, but she now harbors feelings for Iori.

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Who did Iori kiss?

Sakurako kissing Iori. After confessing her love to Naomi and got rejected, she was cheered up by Iori. It is hinted that she has developed romantic feelings for Iori since then. She kissed Iori in front of Chisa and Aina during their second trip to Okinawa Island.

Where is Grand Blue published?

It has been serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine good! Afternoon since April 2014. The manga is published digitally in English by Kodansha USA under the Kodansha Comics imprint.

Who draws Grand Blue?

Grand Blue (ぐらんぶる, Guran Buru? ), also known as Grand Blue Dreaming, is a Japanese manga series written by Inoue Kenji and illustrated by Yoshioka Kimitake. It began serialization in the May 2014 issue of Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon seinen manga magazine and has been collected in ten tankōbon volumes.

Who is tokki girlfriend?

it was mentioned that Azusa has feelings for Tokita but he have a girlfriend, and it is the same for Aina who have a feelings for Iori but he and chisa are together so is it possible that this is a foreshadowing that Tokita and Nanaka are together?

Will Grand Blue have a Season 2 Reddit?

Following this will be minor spoilers of grand blue season 1. Grand blue kept us dreaming for more but wait no longer as a official source has confirmed the release of a second season.

Are Chisa and Iori cousins?

In Japan, it’s not taboo to marry his cousin, especially with the big families with clan traditions. But, in this case, Iori is not related with Chisa and Nanaka by blood, his father was adopted.

Who does Iori like Grand Blue?

Iori cheered Sakurako up after she got rejected by Naomi. Since that day, Sakurako has developed romantic feelings for Iori, while he is not aware of that yet. Sakurako kissed Iori during his second trip to Okinawa Island.

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Table of Contents
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