Is Hisoka a man or woman?

Is Hisoka a man or woman? Hisoka is a man of many talents, but he also has many different outfits. Observant fans have been aware of this for years, but casual or new viewers might not realize that the magician modifies his appearance at the beginning of each story arc.

What is Hisoka’s real name? Baron Maejima Hisoka (前島 密, Janu – Ap), born Ueno Fusagorō (上野 房五郎), was a Japanese statesman, politician, and businessman in Meiji-period Japan.

How old is Gon currently?

Gon Freecss
SeriesHunter × Hunter
Age11 (debut) 12+ (currently) 14-15 (according to the Timeline)
Birthday5 May (Taurus, Children’s Day)

What religion is Kurapika? brother kurapika, a known muslim : subhanallah, kurapika follows rules of jihaad and fair combat as laid by holy prophet (pbuh) allowing the attacker to attack first before beating their ass into the next century 🤲🏽

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How old is Killua?

16/16 Hunter x Hunter Characters Statistics Chart

Killua Zoldyck12July 7th, 1987
Kurapika Kurta17April 4th, 1982
Leorio Paradinight19March 3rd, 1980
Hisoka Morrow28June 6, 1971

Does Hisoka know Gon is his brother?

Yep. Hisoka was right beside Gon during the dodge-ball game in Greed Island. He heard it when Gon asked Razor if he knew Ging.

Is Killua straight?

Killua Zoldyck is seen as a homosexual as he shows great feelings towards his best friend Gon. In the movie Phantom Rouge, Killua is seen showing feelings of jealousy when Gon finds another friend who he seems to have a good time with.

Is kurapika a girl?

Kurapika is a teenage boy from the Kurta Clan, appearing in the first arc as a Hunter Exam applicant. However, his appearance and, to an extent, voice, have feminine overtones, explaining why many viewers assumed he was a girl when they began watching the series.

Do Hisoka like Gon?

Hisoka was obviously intrigued by Gon already from that moment, but Hunter x Hunter fandom thinks that he started to have a crush on Gon, only when they met for the 2nd time. Hisoka is completely obsessed with Gon, what is emphasized almost every time Hisoka appears on screen.

Who can beat Hisoka?

Chrollo is the leader of the Phantom Troupe and one of the most powerful characters in the entire Hunter x Hunter series. He is someone Hisoka wished to fight against and the two finally clashed at Heaven’s Arena. Chrollo emerged victorious in the battle, however, the two are evenly matched.

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