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Is iz the dancer good?

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Is iz the dancer good? Though she has low base DPS for an Uber Rare, a strengthened Iz can deal damage comparable to Awakened Bahamut Cat when facing traited enemies. This, combined with a meager 46-second recharge time, makes Iz the Alluring Dancer one of the strongest rushers in the game in terms of raw stats.

What is the best form of Kasa Jizo? 1st form jizo is the best midranger in the game, and is very good stackable dps against anything he outranges, especially angels and blacks.

How good is Kalisa? Kalisa is an excellent anti-Angel attacker who acts as a very aggressive frontline heavy hitter and suicide bomber. Alone, Kalisa can take down weaker Angel enemies like Angelic Gory and Heavenly Hippoe in merely one or two hits.

Is Dark Mitama good? Dark Mitama is easily one of the best anti-Traitless Crowd Controllers in the game. She has increased heath and damage, higher standing range and Weaken compared to her original form. This allows her to render even the most powerful Traitless enemies such as R.

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Is Emperor Cat good?

Emperor Cat has two main selling points: range and abilities. While he is able to outrange Camelle, it is very inconsistent due to only outranging him by one. He can also provide great support against any army, thanks to his many abilities.

Is Baby GAO good?

It is extremely versatile and there aren’t many situations where he isn’t useful, despite Traitless enemies being out of his specialty. He still deals great damage to Traitless enemies with around 5,200 DPS at level 30.

What is the strongest boss in Battle Cats?

Final Boss Giga-God (Cool Dude) (ファイナルギガグランド神さま Fainaru Giga Gurando Kami-sama, Final Giga Grand God) is a Traitless enemy seen as the boss of The Big Bang in Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 3.

Is Kung Fu cat worth it?

This Cat is a powerful all-around unit, useful for delivering good damage from some range. Basically, the only negatives about Kung Fu Cat are that he is expensive and has a slow recharge time, at least while you are in Empire of Cats.

Is Ururun Wolf better than crazed Bahamut?

Ururun has less damage, but faster attack. Ururun’s stamina is not as good as Bahamut’s. Unlike Ururun, Bahamut does not have 20% knockback chance, but Ururun’s range is slightly shorter. Ururun is 110% the cost of Bahamut.

Which rare cat should I evolve first?

Mercat is the first true you should get, cyborg is not that important and is definitely less important than mercat sanzo and rocker. cyborg is important but at the end of the day it’s not a huge buff to paris, whereas the 3 I mentioned are mostly dogshit without TF.

Is Kasa Jizo the best cat?

No cat in the game can be considered the best cat,as some cats are always better than others depending on the situation (Jizo actually helps less than Bombercat against Razorback),there can or can’t be cats better than him.

What are the best Ubers in Battle Cats?

Battle Cats A Tier List (2022)

  • Mighty Rekon Korps.
  • Amaterasu.
  • Catman.
  • NekoShinji.
  • Pai Pai.
  • Tropical Kalisa.
  • Baby Cat.
  • Raiden.
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Table of Contents
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