Is Jyugo smart?

Is Jyugo smart? Unlike Uno, Jyugo is extremely intelligent at problem-solving more so as was able to solve a number of difficult puzzles in a manner of seconds.

Can the warden smell you? It has the highest health and deals the highest melee damage of all mobs. It can also fire ranged sonic boom attacks that bypass blocks and almost all damage-reducing items, including enchanted armor. The warden is completely blind and relies on vibrations and its sense of smell to detect players and mobs to attack.

What does Nanbaka mean in English? The title is a play on words, combining the name of the prison, which is the Japanese transcription of the word “number”, and the Japanese word “baka” for “fool” or “idiot”.

Who is the warden in Nanbaka? Momoko Hyakushiki is the Warden of Nanba and a supporting character in Nanbaka. She was voiced by Satomi Akesaka in the Japanese version, and by Marissa Lenti in the English version.

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Who is Jyugo mother?

Touko (燈子, Tōko) is a supporting character exclusive to the Nanbaka Web Manga series. Its revealed that her name is Touko Mutsuki (睦月 燈子, Mutsuki Tōko) the cloned incarnation of the deceased daughter of Mashiro Mutsuki, the lover of 610 and mother of Jyugo.

Is Nanbaka censored?

At a couple instances some characters talk streams of foul language, but it is all censored and meant to be comical.

Does UNO like Jyugo?

Jyugo is Uno’s best friend who are extremely close that they usually spend the most time with each other and share a similarly large intellect, with Jyugo being smarter.

Where is UNO from Nanbaka?

Uno was born and raised in the United Kingdom where he frequented an underground casino. Eventually caught and arrested, he would break out by picking the locks anytime he had a date, often making plans for further dates while on the run.

Is the warden evil?

With an antagonist – the character that works against the protagonist – as evil as the Warden, it’s hard to think that she could have any family anywhere.

Was Musashi blind?

Musashi is a young man of above-average height with a muscular physique. He has short, spiky red and yellow hair and cobalt blue eyes. Having lost both his eyes in his teens, he now wears a black eyepatch over the remaining scars, the most prominent of which is a long, vertical one over his right eye.

Can warden be killed?

Compared to the Ender Dragon (200 health) and Wither (300 health), it has their health combined, at 500 health points. For reference, a regular Iron Sword only does 6 damage. You would have to hit the Warden more than 80 times to kill it with just an Iron Sword.

Why did Jyugo go to jail?

Jyugo (ジューゴ Jūgo), inmate number 15, is the main protagonist of the anime and web manga series. He is an inmate of Nanba Prison where he is held in building thirteen, cell thirteen. Arrested on charges of larceny, he is a talented escape artist who has broken out of every prison he’d been sent to prior to Nanba.

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