Is Kantai Collection related to Azur lane?

Is Kantai Collection related to Azur lane? Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up video game that turns warships into waifus a.k.a using female moe anthropomorphic characters based on World War 2 ships. Sounds familiar? Well that’s because Kantai Collection was the first one to introduce this concept. The new UI for Azur Lane.

How do I install Kantai Collection? Installation

  • Go to Settings -> Security -> Turn on Unknown Sources.
  • Download the DMM Webstore app here. Alternatively you can download the APK from here.
  • Once installed, open the Webstore app, login into your DMM account and find KanColle Android.
  • Install and enjoy. …
  • (Optional) Install KCAnotify for a viewer on Android.

Can you play Kantai Collection outside of Japan? It is nominally region locked to Japan but anyone outside Japan can play by jumping through a few hoops. Please read the FAQ for additional help.

Is Kantai Collection available in English? KanColle, the famous Kantai Collection in Japan, is coming to the West. Gogames will publish the free to play browser-based game as KanColle Online in English, and we won’t have to wait much since the first Alpha test will launch in a few days, on January 28 at 8AM Chicago time.

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Is Shimakaze a guy or a girl?

Appearance. Shimakaze is depicted as a female humanoid appearing as a fair-skinned, skinny and slim young teenage girl with a flat-chest and grey eyes.

How many ships are in Kantai Collection?

There are 282 kanmusus (without remodels & class changes) as of the 11/09/2022 update. They come in various Types, Classes, Remodels, and degrees of Rarity.

Does Kantai Collection have an anime?

Kantai Collection (Japanese: 艦隊これくしょん, Hepburn: Kantai Korekushon, translated as “Fleet Collection”, subtitled as “Fleet Girls Collection”), known as KanColle (艦これ, KanKore) for short, is a 2015 Japanese anime television series created by Diomedéa, based on the game of the same name by Kadokawa Games.

What is a ship girl?

shipgirl (plural shipgirls) (chiefly Japanese fiction) A female fictional humanoid character featuring design elements of a ship, such as anchors, naval guns or torpedo tubes. Usually is a namesake moe anthropomorphization of a real life warship.

Who is the protagonist of KanColle?

Fubuki (吹雪 “Blizzard”?) is one of the main characters of Kantai Collection. She is the main protagonist of the Kancolle anime and movie. She was the lead ship of twenty-four Fubuki-class destroyers, built for the Imperial Japanese Navy following World War I.

Is Kantai Collection popular?

Kantai Collection’s Popularity Stems from a Love of History and Cute Girls. Though it’s in many ways revisionist to what actually happened, the historical World War II aspect of Kantai Collection is likely a huge draw for many.

Is Shimakaze in Azur lane?

Shimakaze (AL) is one of the main protagonists from the game Azur Lane: Crosswave. She doesn’t appear in the mobile game Azur Lane. She is a destroyer from Sakura Empire.

How do you marry in KanColle?

Completing the 4th quest (Defeat a boss in 2-3 with a level 90-99 flagship) will give you a set of marriage ring and documents which you will need for the marriage.

Does KanColle have a movie?

KanColle: The Movie (Japanese: 劇場版 艦これ, Hepburn: Gekijō-ban KanKore) is a 2016 Japanese animated film adaptation of the video game series Kantai Collection.

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