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Is kawsar a male or female name?

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Is kawsar a male or female name? Kausar, Kautsar, Kauser, Kawthar or Kaouthar (Arabic: كَوْثَر) is an Arabic muslim given name for both males or females, which means “abundance”, “bountiful” or “plentiful”.

Is hisui a Girl name? Meaning & History. This name is used as 翡翠 which, in the sense of being used as a word, means “jade,” from 翡 (hi) meaning “kingfisher” and 翠 (sui, kawasemi, midori) meaning “green.” This name is very rarely given to girls, if given at all.

Is Satsujin a name? The name Satsujin is boy’s name meaning “murder”. Borne by various anime villains thanks to its dark meaning.

What kind of name is Ryuzo? Ryuzo Shimizu (清水 隆三, 1902–?), Japanese footballer. Torii Ryūzō (鳥居 龍藏, 1870–1953), Japanese anthropologist, ethnologist and folklorist.


MeaningDifferent meanings depending on the kanji used

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Is chathura a male or female name?

Chathura is Baby girl name and is of origin indian. Person having name Chathura are mainly hindu by religion.

What does tamago Jiken mean?

The full picture indicates tamago jiken which literally means “the egg incident” where a chick is killed due to the egg getting cracked.

What does Ichiko mean?

The name Ichiko is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means First, Child. Often used for the first-born daughter.

How do you pronounce kawsar?

  • Phonetic spelling of Kawser. k-aw-er. kawser.
  • Meanings for Kawser.
  • Examples of in a sentence.
  • Translations of Kawser. Russian : Каусер

What is tamashii mean?

Updated on Ma. Tamashii is a Japanese word meaning a soul; or spirit. Pronunciation: Tamashii.

Is Ilena a name?

The name Ilena is girl’s name of Greek origin. Ilena-style variants have all been considered more stylish than Helen for many years.

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