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Is Kemono friends worth watching?

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Is Kemono friends worth watching? Kemono Friends took some of the best aspects of children’s shows and worldbuilding lore shows and shoved them together. And the result was something well worth watching.

Is Nodame Cantabile sad? A romantic, musically-focused plot about ardour in and outside of a relationship, Nodame Cantabile … It’s a relatable series with realistic characters, thoughtful dialogue and worldly themes of uncertainty, struggle and infatuation; as enjoyable and funny as it is heartbreaking and frank.

Is Nodame Cantabile worth watching? Nodame Cantabile is one of my all time favorites. This one anime has music , comedy, and romance . I don’t know if you have watched this or not, but out of all the musical animes I have watched – La cordo doro primo passo, You lie in april, Fancy Lala, Nodame Cantabile STOOD OUT. Megumi is hilarious .

Is Nodame Cantabile a shoujo? The manga of Nodame Cantabile received the 2004 Kodansha Manga Award for shōjo manga, and was a jury recommendation at both the 2005 and 2008 Japan Media Arts Festivals.

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How old is Chiaki Nodame?

Chiaki is twenty-one years old and a 3rd-year piano student at Momogaoka Music Academy at the start of the series. He is an accomplished pianist and violinist, but is also known to be a perfectionist when it comes to music and is highly critical of himself and others.

Do Nodame and Chiaki end up together?

So the manga ended with Chiaki-Nodame stay together, without any mention of the marriage proposal nor any signs if they would play a piano concerto together, ever.

Is Kemono jihen worth?

Plot: the more it goes through, the best it becomes. The characters developing and also the story are very well done and interesting. Animation: amazing, nothing to say against it, it has the perfect quality for a 2021 anime. Drawings: very well done, I would say better than the manga (I know it’s an hard truth).

Is Kemono jihen season 1 finished?

Kemono Jihen, like most anime shows that began during the Winter 2021 season, is coming to an end. At only 12 episodes, season 1 managed to introduce a colorful cast we came to love and an intriguing world, not to mention some upbeat music… but a closure so soon doesn’t seem possible.

Is Chiaki a girl?

Chiaki (ちあき, チアキ) is a unisex Japanese given name used mostly by females and is occasionally used as a surname.

Is Tokyoghoul worth watching?

Tokyo Ghoul is indeed epic andemotional at times.It balances well drama and action as well as the development of the characters, especially it’s main protagonist.It can be a bit violent and bloody at times but hey, that’s what makes it original !

Is Yakitate Japan anime finished?

It first aired in Japan from Octo to Ma and spanned a total of 69 episodes. The anime concluded before the manga, and thus the ending is non-canon.

What chapter does Nodame Cantabile anime end?

In July 2009, Asahi Shimbun reported that the manga was scheduled to end in the spring of 2010, coinciding with the release of the final live-action movie. However, the series ended with chapter 136 in the 10 October 2009 issue of the magazine.

How many seasons of Nodame Cantabile are there?

The series was animated by J.C.Staff and produced by Fuji TV, comprising three seasons to date, with an original video animation (OVA) released 10 August 2009.

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Table of Contents