Is Killua straight?

Is Killua straight? Killua Zoldyck is seen as a homosexual as he shows great feelings towards his best friend Gon. In the movie Phantom Rouge, Killua is seen showing feelings of jealousy when Gon finds another friend who he seems to have a good time with.

Is Kurapika married to neon? And since the Nostrade family only has a daughter and not a son, they would need a male to continue on the family business. So Kurapika married Neon. Which means that the Nostrade family isn’t gone.

How old is Kurapika at the end? 3) Kurapika (19). By the end of the anime, Kurapika is 19 years old and is deep into his mission of recovering the Scarlet Eyes.

Does Kurapika lose his eyes? He wakes up along Gon on an airship. Upon arriving at their destination, they meet Leorio and learn that he and Kurapika were investigating a rumor about a survivor of Kurapika’s Kurta Clan until they meet a young boy whom Kurapika recognized as his childhood friend Pairo, who attacks him and steals his eyes.

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Did Kurapika become a villain?

After becoming a professional Hunter, Kurapika starts upon a self-destructive path. His anger leads him to commit villainous acts of wrath as catharsis for his pain.

Who’s the strongest villain in HXH?

King of the Chimera Ants, Meruem is by far the strongest and most powerful Nen using character (villain) in Hunter x Hunter. By feeding on other Nen users, he is able to increase the size of Nen. So powerful is he that he even strikes fear into the heart of Netero.

Who is the oldest in HXH?

Isaac Netero (120). Isaac Netero is the oldest character, aged 120 years. He is a gallant and extremely powerful man with smart combat techniques with quite a reputation amongst the anime fans as they consider him an anime legend.

Who is the youngest Zoldyck?

Kalluto Zoldyck (カルト゠ゾルディック, Karuto Zorudikku) is the youngest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck. He is member #4 of the Phantom Troupe, replacing Hisoka.

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