Is kirito a graphite edge?

Is kirito a graphite edge? Fans have theorized that Graphite Edge is in fact Kirito himself, despite Reki Kawahara stating many times that Accel World and Sword Art Online are supposed to exist in different realities, albeit with some references. However, there is no concrete evidence that supports this statement.

Does Chiyuri like Haru? She harbors romantic feelings towards Haruyuki which the latter is unaware of. She used to go out with Takumu because she was urged by Haruyuki.

Who is the first Red King in Accel World? Red Rider (レッド· ライダー, Reddo Raidā) was the first Red King and the previous leader of the Red Legion, Prominence.

Who is the strongest in Accel World? Green Grandé has extremely durable armor and high defence, leading to his title of the Invulnerable. According to Scarlet Rain, the Green King is the strongest of all the Kings and is together with Blue Knight one of the two Burst Linkers who almost never fight at their full strength.

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Who does Haru end up with Accel World?

Haruyuki will end up together with KYH, who has never lied about her real name – it is Kuroyukihime. Her last name is Kirigaya. The story does not end with anyone reaching Level 10, it is by touching The Fluctuating Light in the centre of the Imperial Palace.

Who likes Haru?

Haru confesses his love for Shizuku after she stood up for him against Kenji and his friends. Shizuku turned him down and the two of them continued their friendship. After being kissed, Shizuku decided to confess to Haru over time that she loved him and that she meant it.

Who is Kirito daughter?

Personality. As Yui was originally a girl without her memories, she felt insecure about not knowing who or where her “parents” were, so she assumed that Kirito was her father and Asuna was her mother.

Who is Kuroyukihime parent?

Kuroba Enju (黒羽 苑珠, Kuroba Enju) is Kuroyukihime’s Brain Burst Parent and real-life older sister. She is the White King, White Cosmos, and the leader of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe, as well as the president of the Acceleration Research Society.

Who is the wife of Kirito?

Asuna. The main heroine of Sword Art Online and main protagonist of the seventh volume, Asuna – who is 17 – is a friend and later to be girlfriend and the in-game wife of Kirito in Sword Art Online and Alfheim Online.

Who is the white king in Accel World?

White Cosmos (ホワイト・コスモス, Howaito Kosumosu?) is the White King and the leader of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe. It is later revealed that she is the Parent and real life older sister of Kuroyukihime. She is the main antagonist of the series.

Will there be Accel World Season 2?

What To Expect In ‘Accel World’ Season 2? Season 2 takes the story forward and will cover the rest of the light novel series and continue the main characters and quest to meet the game’s creator.

What is Kuroyukihime real name?

Kuroyukihime. Kuroyukihime (黒雪姫, lit. Black Snow Princess) is the leader of the Nega Nebulus legion. Her real name is Sayuki Kuroba (黒羽 早雪, Kuroba Sayuki) (although Sky Raker calls her “Sacchan”).

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