Is Kittisaurus a Creamheroe?

Is Kittisaurus a Creamheroe? Claire, better known online as Kittisaurus (formerly also known with the seven original cats as Cream Heroes), is a South Korean YouTuber who makes videos and vlogs about them, mostly inside her house.

Is gorou a cat or fox? This is everything we currently know about Gorou, the Geo fox lad who arrived as an NPC in 2.0.

What is the story of Blue Archive? Developed by NAT GAMES, Blue Archive follows a group of adventurous schoolgirls as they navigate romance, school clubs, academic events – and the occasional battle with rival schools. Players will take on the role of the students’ teacher and guide them as they investigate incidents throughout the city.

Is there a Blue Archive anime? Nexon’s Blue Archive mobile game has received a nine-minute anime short to celebrate the Japanese version’s 1.5 year anniversary (the English-subtitled version is simply titled New Summer Animation PV).

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When was JP Blue Archive?

February 4, 2021. It was released in 2021 for Android and iOS, first in Japan by Yostar and worldwide later that year by Nexon. The game is free-to-play with gacha game mechanics as a means to obtain new characters.

Blue Archive
ReleaseJP: February 4, 2021 WW : November 8, 2021

What is Max relationship in Blue Archive?

Maximum Affection level for characters that start at 3-star rarity or get upgraded to it is 20, maximum level is further upgraded to 100 at 5-star rarity.6 days ago

Who is the most popular blue character?

Best Blue Characters in Movies

  • Abe Sapien – HELLBOY. …
  • Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler – X2. …
  • James P. …
  • Neytiri – AVATAR. …
  • Dory – FINDING NEMO. …
  • Gonzo The Great – THE MUPPET MOVIES. …
  • Genie – ALADDIN. …
  • Diva Plavalaguna – THE FIFTH ELEMENT.

Who is the protagonist in Blue Archive?

Sensei (先生, Sensei) is the player in Blue Archive who serves as the advisor of SCHALE, and also an adult.

Who is Arona in Blue Archive?

Arona (アロナ, Arona) is a non-playable character in Blue Archive that resides in the mysterious Shittim Chest. She accompanies Sensei throughout their adventure in Kivotos as a guide.

What do clubs do in Blue Archive?

School Clubs are generally the main groups of students within Blue Archive. They represent a variety of different activities and interests, whether for important duties such as accounting or leading a school, or for simple gatherings of students with shared interests such as sweets and games.

Is shiroko a cat?

She is very similar to Rosmontis from Arknights, with both being silver-haired anthromorphs (Though Shiroko is a wolf and Rosmontis is a feline).

Who is the girl at the beginning of Blue Archive?

Tendou Alice (天童アリス, Tendou Alice) is one of the students studying in Millennium Science School who wields a Railgun. She is a member of the Game Development Department.

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