Is Komi can’t communicate LGBT?

Is Komi can’t communicate LGBT? This anime treats its LGBTQ+ characters with a casualness that absolutely matters. Komi Can’t Communicate is a thoroughly delightful and wholesome anime that’s well worth your time for any variety of reasons but one aspect of it that stands out, in particular, is the casual way in which it treats its LGBTQ+ characters.

Is Osana a tsundere? Osana is based off the tsundere character trope found in Japanese anime and manga. She acts hostile and irritated towards Senpai to conceal her romantic feelings for him, although her true personality appears to be kind and friendly as she acts as such towards other students.

What is Osana attracted to? Osana has a stalker. She is attracted to glasses, tans, ponytails, piercings, and intelligence. The player can matchmake her with Kyuji Konagawa.

How do you beat Osana? She’ll escort herself to the bathroom without Raibaru Chan following after her. In the bathroom, she’ll quickly go to the nearest stall and start throwing up in the toilet. You’ll be given the option to drown her! Have fun with this simple and easy kill.

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How old is Komi from Komi can’t communicate?

Komi Shouko
Furiganaこみ しょうこ
Personal Info
Age15 (first appearance) 16 (first year/second Year) 17 (currently)
BirthdayDecember 25

How old is Osana?

NameOsana Najimi
PersonaLovestruck Tsundere (10/16/2016-10/18/2017)

Is Najimi a dude or a girl?

Najimi insists on using the feminine suffix -chan, but has been known to switch to being referred to as a boy when convenient: like when rejecting a male classmate that confessed. Other characters often use both male and female pronouns when referring to Najimi due to nobody, even teachers, knows their birth gender.

Why does Komi get cat ears?

You are correct in that Komi grows cat ears to show when she is happy, but she also grows them when interested or paying attention to something. The reason why is due to Komi’s facial muscles freezing up from social anxiety.

Is yamai in love with Komi?

Yamai is the leader of a girl group in the classroom, and it is shown that she has an obsessive love interest in Komi.

Is Komi in love with Tadano?

As the series progressed, Komi found herself falling in love with Tadano, and toward the end of Season 1 he began reciprocating her feelings.

Who has a crush on Tadano?

Throughout the series Komi develops feelings for Tadano, ultimately admitting so to Manbagi as she is confronting her about her own feelings. Among other things, she says she finds Tadano to be cool, mindful, observant, and always willing to help someone in trouble.

Is Najimi a non-binary?

Najimi Osana is a prominent non-binary character in Komi Can’t Communicate. Originally assumed to be male by their classmates due to their history of wearing male clothing and using masculine pronouns, since the start of the series, Najimi has demonstrated more gender-fluidity.

Is Najimi Osana male or female?

Perhaps the most visually apparent expression of Najimi’s non-binary gender defiance is their fashion sense, which often utilizes both traditionally male and female items. While attending Itan Private High School, Najimi chooses to wear the boys’ blazer and tie combo along with the girls’ plaid skirt.

Who is Najimi crush?

Like all rivals, Osana has a crush on Senpai and will confess her feelings to him on the Friday of Week 1. If Osana entered a relationship with Senpai, she would give him “tough love”.

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