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Is love live OK for kids?

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Is love live OK for kids? Not okay for kids. It stated it was okay for 15 and up. However, there are explicit sex scenes in the first two episodes.

Are DIA and Ruby sisters? Ruby and Dia are sisters who seem very much different save for their green eyes and love of school idols. Ruby and Dia used to have lots of fun talking about school idols together.

What anime is Rina from? Rina Tennoji is the main characters of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is 15 years old and a first year in Nijigasaki High School. Rina was born in November 13 and is a Scorpio.

Who is Nijigasaki leader? Setsuna Yuki – (Leader/Co-founder; Original) (Choreographer) Emma Verde – (Co-founder; Original) Unknown. Rina Tennoji – (Reformed) Unknown.

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Are school idols a thing?

Beyond that, however, school idols can be a widely varying bunch. Though membership of The Beautiful Elite is generally mandatory, school idols can be academically accomplished (or not), great athletes (or not), or the nicest people you’ve ever met (or not).

How old are the girls in Love Live?

The sensational series that has captured the hearts of fans in and out of Japan is popular for a multitude of reasons, but one of them is the fact that the leading group of nine lively girls are set at the age of 15 to 17 years old.

Is Love Live successful?

Love Live is ranked the 6th Best-Selling Media Franchise in Japan for the year 2021. Earning an estimated 5,224,599,314 yen in total sales.

Do girls watch love live?

Though the series has a mostly adult male fanbase in Japan, it’s enjoyed by all types of people, with women making up a large chunk of the series’ Western fanbase. Love Live! School Idol Festival originally focused on nine girls from Otonokizaka Academy in their school idol club.

What should I watch after Love Live sunshine?

7 Anime to Watch After “Love Live! Sunshine!!”

  • BanG Dream! …
  • The Idolmaster. …
  • Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight. …
  • 10 Best Romance Anime of All Time.
  • 10 Best High School Romance Anime.
  • 10 Anime Like ‘The Promised Neverland’ …
  • NANA. …
  • Yuru Yuri.

Is Love Live sunshine for kids?

Content Rating: 13+ (Mild fanservice, mature themes.) Related Series: Love Live! School Idol Festival (seasons 1-2), Love Live!

Why is Love Live so popular?

What made this group so interesting was the fact that, despite being fictional, each character had personalities that were likable and fans were able to participate in voting contests for popularity and even being given the opportunity to name the group! 2013 was an important year for the Love Live!

Where does love live sunshine take place?

Real Life is all about Love Live! Sunshine!!’s main setting, the sunny seaside town of Uchiura. Aqours’ lovely little hometown is located at the northern end of the Izu Peninsula, right in the Suruga Bay, and is part of the much larger Numazu city.

Who is the leader of Aqours?

Aqours (pronounced as “aqua”) is a school idol group that was originally formed and led by Kanan Matsuura two years prior to falling apart and was eventually succeeded by Chika Takami in Love Live!

How many Love Live girls are there?

Nine high school girls, Honoka Kosaka, Eli Ayase, Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda, Rin Hoshizora, Maki Nishikino, Nozomi Tojo, Hanayo Koizumi, and Nico Yazawa, form an idol group called μ’s (pronounced as ‘Muse’) in order to save their school, Otonokizaka High School, from closing.

Is Dia a tsundere?

Dia can be described as a tsundere. While she is strict with a tough exterior, Dia is genuinely kind deep down and cares for all of her friends, particularly her younger sister Ruby, whom she is very protective and nurturing of.

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