Is Momo in Wonder Egg Priority?

Is Momo in Wonder Egg Priority? Momoe Sawaki (沢木 桃恵, Sawaki Momoe?) is one of the main characters in Wonder Egg Priority. She has a very distinct beauty mark and slim figure. She is often mistaken for a boy, and is popular among girls. Momoe is the niece of Shuichiro Sawaki.

Is Wonder Egg Priority Dark? ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ Is Dark And Magical And The Best Anime Of The Year So Far. (Welcome to Ani-time Ani-where, a regular column dedicated to helping the uninitiated understand and appreciate the world of anime.)

Why did Wonder Egg Priority end like that?

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Is Wonder Egg Priority special the last episode? Episode Production. My Priority (私のプライオリティ, Watashi no Puraioriti?) is the continuation of Episode 12 and the conclusion of the Wonder Egg Priority anime series. The first half of the special is a recap of the previous episodes.

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Will there be Season 2 of Wonder Egg Priority?

While the special episode set the series up for a second season, an OVA, or a movie, we’ve heard nothing concerning any further production of Wonder Egg Priority. Despite being a sleeper hit internationally, the series is rumored to have not done that well in Japan.

Is Neiru alive?

What happened to Neiru? Neiru also completed her mission, and her twin younger sister Airu is brought back to life – whom Ai thinks is Neiru at first. Kotobuki Awano is also revived with no memories of dying. However, unlike the other heroines, Neiru hasn’t made it back from the dream world.

What was Neiru’s trauma?

Now it is finally revealed that Neiru’s sister brutally stabbed her before jumping off a bridge, killing herself.

Is AI OHTO dead?

She is from a parallel world where she did not meet Koito, thus in her committing suicide by drowning herself in the pool.

Is Mr Sawaki a villain?

The first five episodes of Wonder Egg Priority constantly hinted at Mr. Sawaki being a villain. These hints, however, come from a biased source — they’re solely from Ai’s perspective, and Ai seems to dislike him for some reason or another.

How old are the characters from Wonder Egg Priority?

Every egg girl is 14-years-old and a suicide victim. The heroines, Ai, Neiru, Rika, and Momoe, defend the egg girls to resurrect a friend who committed suicide. Every girl they protect brings them closer to achieving their goal.

Is Ai Ohto straight?

Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority is an autistic bisexual nonbinary girl who uses he/him and she/her pronouns, and she’s dating Neiru Aonuma, an autistic trans asexual lesbian! They’re friends with Rika Kawai, an autistic pansexual kawaiicoric cutegender girl, and Momoe Sawaki, an autistic straight intersex trans girl!

What happened Rika Kawai?

Rika seems to struggle with mental health, and self-harmed up until quite recently, though she states that she has stopped now. She still fights with her suicidal intents, trying to live despite what happened.

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