Is Navier actually infertile?

Is Navier actually infertile? Although she publicly always denies that she is infertile…. Internally she also has her doubts. Sovieshu never tells her what happened with the drugged cookies that could have left either or both of them infertile. But still, she is aware that she has not become pregnant in all the years she was married to him.

Is heinley a bird? As ‘Queen’, Heinrey is a relatively large bird with a long crest at the back of his head and long, flowing tail feathers. He has golden feathers and striking magenta eyes, both of which match his human form. In the webnovel, his appearance is much like that of a small harpy eagle with golden feathers.

What is season 2 about in the remarried Empress? As Season 2 unfolds, readers can expect the fruits of Heinrey’s supposed “plan” and either the rise or downfall of Queen Navier. One can also expect much more gossip, manipulation, and royal drama to ensure.

Is the remarried Empress a real book? What is The Remarried empress? It started as a web novel, on Naver, by Alpha Tart, a korean author. And later, it was adapted as a comic / Manhwa on Webtoons ilustrado por Sumpul – Estudio Santa Claus.

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Who does Navier end up with?

But as opposed to Navier’s former standoffish marriage, her marriage with Heinrey turned into one of mutual respect, understanding, support, and love with her opening her heart to her lover and husband.

Does the Empress get pregnant in the remarried Empress?

However, he was elated to learn that she got pregnant and divorced Navier so that Rashta can temporarily become his empress and her child could be the successor to his throne.

Is Sovieshu infertile in remarried Empress?

Empress Mother † : Soviechu’s mother. They are implied to have been close. She attempted to poison one of her husband’s concubines with cookies laced with an abortive drug, which indirectly led to the infertility of her son, who stole and consumed the cookies with Navier.

Does Navier have twins?

Lari and Kai Lazlo are the fraternal twin daughter and son of Emperor Heinrey and Empress Navier, and the Crown Princess and Prince of the Western Empire.

Does ERGI like Rashta?

While Rashta strongly trusts Ergi and genuinely thinks he is her friend, the sentiment is not reciprocated at all and it was all to just trick her so he and Heinry can benefit from it.

Who is the real father of Rashta’s second baby?

Rashta was unaware that she was pregnant again when she escaped the Lotteshu Estate, and wholeheartedly believed the baby to be Sovieshu’s. Alan Rimwell: After the events of the paternity test, Alan is discovered to be Glorym’s biological father.

What happens to Rashta in the end?

How does Rashta die? why did rashta kill herself? In the end she commits suicide in prison, she dies poisoned, with a pill that someone leaves her at the door.

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