Is Neon Abyss better than enter the Gungeon?

Is Neon Abyss better than enter the Gungeon? IMO Neon Abyss is better than Enter The Gungeon. Its only worth it if you play the experimental branch or avoid picking up eggs completely. Some of the eggs completely ruin the game.

Is Neon Abyss endless? The Chrono Trap DLC brings a new Endless Mode and the Titan, Chronos, to Neon Abyss. Endless Mode: Face down endless challenges and new elite monsters to unleash your full potential.

What does the blasting cap 5000 do in Neon Abyss? Passive Items

NameCollapseDescription / Effect
Blasting Cap 5000Your explosion will create an X-shaped blast.
Blue ProtocolLet it guide you… Add shields. Upgrade your weapon. [Note: May be removed since v1.4.5]
Blueberry CakeYou have a chance to drop extra shields if you hatch an empty egg.

What does trigger fish do in Neon Abyss? Triggerfish is a weapon in Neon Abyss. It fires two bullets that do a full 360 before firing straight and doing another 360.

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Is The Key Gun good Neon Abyss?

Due to the nature of the weapon it is a great tool that can save keys early on in runs, and gives you a nice stockpile should you want to switch out weapons later. This weapon also has the ability to give a massive amount of items on the God of Bittercoin.

What does the White Fox do in Neon Abyss?

White Fox is a weapon in Neon Abyss. It fires stars, as well as, two moving beams out the backside of the player to deal damage behind.

What are the best guns in Neon Abyss?

Neon Abyss: 9 Best Guns, Ranked

  • 8/9 Lullaby.
  • 7/9 Black Widow.
  • 6/9 Golden Sam.
  • 5/9 Famine.
  • 4/9 Hawkeye.
  • 3/9 Red Dragon.
  • 2/9 Destroyer.
  • 1/9 Death Ray.

What does clown hat do in Neon Abyss?

Effect. Adds a chance to spawn a small rat with each attack. The rat will travel along the floor into the direction the player is facing when spawned. It deals a small amount of damage when hitting an enemy.

Is Light Dancer good Neon Abyss?

Light Dancer is a good weapon for players who don’t want to aim, since it hits most enemies inside its range many times. Circling one’s aim in the same direction the beam is spinning will greatly increase your DPS due to the beam spinning significantly faster. Using the item “Golden first” works with its passive!

What is Max gun level Neon Abyss?

Neon Chrome. The weapons are capped at 25 to make shorter and longer runs more equal. You can for example buy a level 10 gun and readh 20+ gun level within one chapter.

Is the death ray good in Neon Abyss?

Death Ray is a weapon in Neon Abyss. It fires a high damaging laser with unlimited range after charging for a short period. The beam can pierce an indefinite number of enemies, making it an excellent room clearer.

Death Ray
Rate of FireSlow

Is Phantom good Neon Abyss?

Phantom is a weapon in Neon Abyss. It shoots regular bullets at an extremely low fire rate with only a magazine size of 3. However, it can slow down time for a short period, most useful fighting the later bosses.

Can you cheat in Neon Abyss?

Inside, the player finds the “Chief Engineer”. Talking to him opens up a window that contains all cheat codes for Neon Abyss. The player must unlock them by purchasing Cards at the Vending Machine. There are currently 199 cheat codes to unlock.

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