Is No. 6 a sad anime?

Is No. 6 a sad anime? This one I liked right away. It felt incredibly sad, almost like nostalgia. As cheesy as this sounds, my heart clenches when I hear it. Background music was very subtle, but added wonderfully to the overall feel.

Is Nezumi from No 6 a girl? Nezumi is one of the main characters from the No. 6 anime and manga. A cynical young man with a dark past.

Why did Shion’s hair turn white? He was born with brown hair and brown eyes, but these changed to white hair and violet eyes (red in the manga and anime) due to the substance emitted from a parasitic wasp.

Is No. 6 anime a bl? 6 is not labeled as BL, because even in softer BL, actions are laced with sexual tension and there is no such thing happening in No. 6. It is because of this habit to expect sexuality that Asano took it upon herself to do make a queer series that breaks the romantic-sexual/platonic dichotomy.

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Does No. 6 have romance?

The romance moves slowly since it is also wrapped around an action/adventure plot, but once in place, there is no doubting that the attraction is mutual. Rat initiates many small yet tender touches, later pulling Shion into a waltz where the walls of Rat’s home fall away into sunlit ruins as they dance in a lengthy …

Who is Elyuria No 6?

Rou begins by telling the story of the Forest Folk, who worshipped a Forest God, named Elyurias. The name ‘Elyurias’ was actually given to it by Rou, a scientist who contributed to the developement of No. 6. Elyurias is just referred to as ‘she’, because she lays eggs.

What episode does Shion and rat kiss?

But it all hit the fan with Episode #7 – an episode which featured Nezumi and Shion kissing on the lips.

Why did Shion go crazy?

Under the influence of the Hinamizawa Syndrome, Shion will become violent as her paranoia grows as it did in Keiichi and Rena.

What happened to SAFU No 6?

After Shion leaves relocates to West Block, and Safu returns to No. 6 due to her grandmother’s passing, Safu is abducted by No. 6 authorities and taken to the Correctional Facility.

What race is Shion?

Ogre. As an Ogre, Shion had a wild appearance, with a thick black horn protruding from the center of her forehead, the base of which had skin folded in a way where she always looked like she was angry.

Is No. 6 worth watching?

6 is a very worthwhile and well-developed story with much thought-provoking commentary to be had, many wonderfully-realized characters to be experienced, and a lot of high production-value to be seen and heard. Even though the ending is a bit confusing because of its rushed pacing, No. 6 is still a very good anime.

How old is rat from No. 6?

My Rating9,9/10
NicknameRat (english) Eve VC-103221
Height178 cm (5’10)

Why did Shion kiss Nezumi?

For example, in episode 7 Shion gives Nezumi a “goodnight kiss”, but this was in fact a “goodbye kiss”, also used as a thank you to Nezumi for all he’s done for Shion. Shion also didn’t want to involve Nezumi with the rescue of Safu in fear of Nezumi getting hurt.

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