Is No. 6 anime a BL?

Is No. 6 anime a BL? 6 is not labeled as BL, because even in softer BL, actions are laced with sexual tension and there is no such thing happening in No. 6. It is because of this habit to expect sexuality that Asano took it upon herself to do make a queer series that breaks the romantic-sexual/platonic dichotomy.

Why did Shion kiss Nezumi? For example, in episode 7 Shion gives Nezumi a “goodnight kiss”, but this was in fact a “goodbye kiss”, also used as a thank you to Nezumi for all he’s done for Shion. Shion also didn’t want to involve Nezumi with the rescue of Safu in fear of Nezumi getting hurt.

What did the rat wish for in juuni taisen? Wish: To be friends with everyone in the world! Rat really had to stretch to make Rabbit’s wish seem like anything more worthwhile than his own lack of direction.

Why did Shion’s hair turn white? He was born with brown hair and brown eyes, but these changed to white hair and violet eyes (red in the manga and anime) due to the substance emitted from a parasitic wasp.

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Who is the anime rat girl?

Rumiko Yotta also known as Rat-Girl, is an antagonist of the italian comic book series Rat-Man, she is the main villain of the “Yellow!” arc.

Who is the rat in Juni taisen?

Nezumi 「寝住」 is one of the 12 Zodiacs of the anime series. He is the Zodiac of the Rat. His real name is Tsugiyoshi Sumino.

What did the rat wish for?

His way of killing is “killing psychotically”. According to the Rat, his wish is to be “friends” with everyone in the world.

What anime has a guy with white hair?

Jiraiya is an iconic character from the widely popular shonen series Naruto, who just happens to have white hair. As a member of the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya made a name for himself in the world of Naruto.

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