Is Platinum End happy ending?

Is Platinum End happy ending? Platinum End ending explained for depressing anime finale. Whilst viewers first assume he is talking about humanity in general, he also believes the same principle is true for himself as well i.e., even though he is now God, he still wants death and therefore, will always die the same as anyone on Earth.

Is Light Yagami in Platinum End? Platinum End is the newest manga/anime series from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata of Death Note fame, and the protagonist, the young Mirai Kakehashi, finds himself surrounded by surprisingly brutal angels as a battle royale for the throne of God begins. However, for his part, Mirai is no Light Yagami.

Why is Nasse special? Nasse (ナッセ, Nasse?), or the Angel of Purity (純度の天使, Jundo no Tenshi?), was a special-rank angel. She was one of the thirteen angels who selected Mirai Kakehashi as her God candidate. Her primary reason for choosing him was to help him achieve happiness.

Why was Baret demoted Platinum End? Baret was formerly a special-rank angel but was demoted to first-rank. According to Revel it was “for being a know-it-all”.

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Why did Nasse get demoted?

Nasse is demoted to Second Rank for interfering, costing Mirai his white arrow and wings, but that doesn’t actually effect anything, and she gets her original rank back mere minutes later. All she accomplishes is stalling for a minute or two, which is a pretty mechanical way to treat divine blessings.

Who shot Metropoliman?

Mirai Kakehashi aims to live a peaceful and happy life free of violence, and he doesn’t wish to kill Metropoliman with his own two hands. However, Mirai gladly restrains Metropoliman to win the battle, and Mukaido personally delivers the final blow, only to succumb in the hospital only minutes later.

Who is the most powerful in Platinum End?

How Nasse Became Platinum End’s Most Powerful Angel – and Her Strange Origin. In the story of Platinum End, Nasse is the first angel to be born – and she has a unique role to fulfill.

Who is the masked kid in Platinum End?

Susumu was the masked kid who apparently quit Metropoliman’s team during the amusement park battle, but that had been a ruse. In Episode 15, the boy goes live on TV to explain the battle royale to all of Tokyo and wants to get the public involved.

Who does Mirai love in Platinum End?

Saki Hanakago. However, he merely admired her from afar and did not plan on reconciling his feelings until he had been shot with one of Saki’s red arrows, controlling him entirely to the point of confession.

Who dies in Platinum End?

And as the newly ascended God, Shuji will carry this grave impulse to its logical end-point, dying by suicide himself in the finale, and in the process, causing all other life to also vanish — including the angels and every human being on Earth.

Who is strongest in Platinum End?

How Nasse Became Platinum End’s Most Powerful Angel – and Her Strange Origin. In the story of Platinum End, Nasse is the first angel to be born – and she has a unique role to fulfill.

Did Mirai become God?

She won and became god because she thought that she could undo everything and bring yuki back to life but even as god you can’t do that. so she created a copy of that world where she would play the game and yuki would win and become god.

Why does Shuji Nakaumi become God?

Shuji Nakaumi (中海修滋, Nakaumi Shūji?) was a human selected by the angel Ogaro to be a God candidate. Nakaumi was a believer of Gaku Yoneda’s ideologies regarding God and the God selection process and was in favor of mercy killing. Eventually, Nakaumi volunteered to become God.

How did Meyza become special-rank?

She was formerly an unranked angel that got promoted straight to special-rank through some unknown means. She found Kanade when he was grieving before his sister death and decided to commit suicide.

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