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Is Pochita stronger than Makima?

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Is Pochita stronger than Makima? Makima possesses great physical strength that allows her to fight effectively in hand-to-hand combat without depending on any of her subordinates. Her force was great enough to overwhelm Pochita and break her chainsaw with her physical blows.

What is the relationship between Denji and power? Denji. Power and Denji initially had a rocky relationship, with Power being entirely willing to trick and sacrifice Denji to the Bat Devil for Meowy’s sake. However, after Denji saves Power and Meowy, they begin living together at Aki Hayakawa’s home and develop a more amicable relationship.

Does reze like Denji? Despite her fake crush on Denji, Reze somewhat reciprocated his feelings towards her, and felt she similar to him since they had both never been to school. Although using more manipulative type of fighting, she seems to not enjoy killing or harming others and prefers to avoid it, unless it’s necessary for her mission.

Did power and Denji sleep together? The two shower, as Power continuously sobs about being attacked from behind. As the two get in the bath and lay together, Denji is surprised that despite the intimacy of their act, it doesn’t feel sexual in any manner.

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Did Makima ever care about Denji?

However, for all the atrocities that she had committed towards Denji, it was then revealed that Makima herself had grown an infatuation towards the entity that was sealed in Denji’s body, the Chainsaw Man, by admitting that she was a huge admirer towards the entity and it’s power and tries her best to make the entity …

Did Makima get reincarnated?

In her final moments, Power tasks Denji with finding the Blood Devil in Hell and killing it, so she can return to Earth, become a fiend once more and resume their friendship. But Makima’s reincarnation shows that even if the reincarnated version of the Devil is similar, it just isn’t the same as the original.

Who eats Denji?

Denji is actually eating Makima’s remains. At the end of the fight, Denji apologizes to Makima for what he’s about to do. The author quickly cuts away from this and skips to the next scene with Kishibe, but it’s in the time between that Denji is preparing to cut up Makima.

How does Makima revive?

Immortality and Durability: For a Control Devil that exists as long as the human history to the point that they even feared Makima, she herself is an absolutely immortal being as no matter how devils or humans tried to kill or harm her, she is capable of bouncing back with her miraculously recover.

Who is the strongest in Chainsaw Man?

10 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters, Ranked

  • Power Is Indeed Powerful As A Fiend. …
  • Aki Hayakawa Knows His Stuff. …
  • Denji Always Tries His Best. …
  • Katana Man Is A Bladed Menace. …
  • Kishibe Is A Scarred Veteran. …
  • Quanxi Is A Serious Powerhouse. …
  • Santa Claus Keeps Getting Stronger. …
  • Makima Is Feared Around The World.

Is Makima a villain?

Makima is the main antagonist of the Chainsaw Man manga/anime series, serving as the main antagonist of the Public Safety Saga and a posthumous antagonist in the Academy Saga.

Is there romance in Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man Has Officially Become a Rom-Com (& It Should Stay That Way) Chapter 104 of Chainsaw Man part two by mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto is proving once more how critical romance is to the entire story.

How did Denji beat Makima?

Makima was ambushed by Denji with a chainsaw, as he realized that she only remembered people she was interested in by their scents, and thus would not be able to recognize Denji because she had never memorized his scent. Following this ambush, Denji successfully killed her by committing cannibalism and eating her body.

Is power a boy Chainsaw Man?

Power bragging about her fearsome reputation. Power, also known as the Blood Fiend, is the tritagonist of the Chainsaw Man series. She first appeared as the secondary antagonist of the Bat Devil arc. She is one of the Fiends that work for the Devil Hunter squad.

How strong is the chainsaw devil?

Abilities. Being regarded as the Devil that Devils fear the most, The Chainsaw Devil is considered one the most powerful entities in the series after the Primordial Devils, being able to fend off hordes of devils in hell unscathed.

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