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Is Promare a satire?

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Is Promare a satire? And the film has this great blend of humor and drama. Much like many of Studio Trigger’s other works, it also contains a lot satire that you just know is purposely in your face.

Is Promare a 3D? Promare employs a blend of 2D and CG-3D animation that seamlessly blends the world of cartoony flesh with the world of giant metal robots.

Is Lio from Promare a girl? A lot of fans (who watched the trailer for the first time) assumed Lio was a girl until he opened his mouth and a man’s voice came out of it.

Who voices Lio Promare? Johnny Yong Bosch is the English dub voice of Lio Fotia in Promare, and Taichi Saotome is the Japanese voice.

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How old is Lio?

Born17 June 1962 Mangualde, Portugal
OriginBrussels, Belgium
GenresPop rock new wave bubblegum pop punk
Occupation(s)Singer actress

Is Promare inspired by Gurren Lagann?

Looking past the visual references, the narrative of PROMARE draws a lot from Gurren Lagann. Set in a world havocked by a sudden outbreak in BURNISH mutations decades earlier, the story revives the coveted Kamina vs Viral subplot with Galo Thymos closely resembling Kamina and Lio Fiota taking over for Viral.

Why is Galo’s arm White?

However, when Thyma wakes up, she suddenly becomes a Burnish, resulting in Galo receiving several burn scars to his left arm.

Is Promare like Gurren Lagann?

Gurren Lagann is a cult classic directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, and written by Kazuki Nakashima. It has over-the-top action, constant bravado, quotable lines, and non-stop escalation into madness.

Is Kray foresight a burnish?

Kray Foresight was once an undergrad scientist researching and developing technology to counteract the Burnish threat. He worked under Dr. Deus Prometh, who he later murdered and stole his research from. Around this period, Kray himself became Burnish.

Who is Galo?

The Galo are a central Eastern Himalayan tribe, who are descendants of Abotani and speak the Tani Galo language.

What happens at the end of Promare?

Having fused with the Earth’s core, Lio convinces Galo to combine the drive with the mecha to protect life on Earth while allowing the Promare to envelop the surface, causing the Promare to burn completely and harmlessly, satisfying their natural urge and allowing the rift in the core to close.

Does Aina like Galo?

Her sister claims Aina likes to talk about Galo to her. She cares about him as a fellow comrade, especially since he can be perceived as reckless, but also has a tendency to be critical of him. This has resulted in her saving him a few times during missions.

Is Galo a Kamina?

That’s why Galo is different from Kamina. He’s got job hair.” But while Galo’s resemblance to Kamina was an accident, the film certainly had a lot of work put in as Studio Trigger first began work on it shortly after the final release of Kill la Kill in 2014.

How tall is Lio from Promare?

In Super Mecha Champions, when comparing his in-game model to the other characters’ canon heights, he appears to be 5’3 ft.

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