Is reimu a girl?

Is reimu a girl? She is originally from the game Touhou Project. Her full name is Reimu Hakurei. Her HP is the fourth highest, along with Bad Girl 2, Bad Boy and Bad Girl 1. If you are her lover and die in front of her, she’ll have a special reaction like Bad Boy, and the Bad Girls.

How many episodes are there in memories of phantasm? 2011 | 17 Episodes. Season 1 of Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm~ premiered on Aug.

Is Touhou a horror? About This Game. A 2D exploration/horror game starring the Touhou Project’s Koishi Komeiji. Use her Third Eye to explore a mental world entirely unlike reality.

How do you unlock the Phantasm stage in PCB? To unlock the Phantasm difficulty of Extra stage for a specific character and type, you must beat the Extra stage with that same character and type. You must also “capture” (beat without bombing or dying) 60 unique Spell Cards, all characters combined.”

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Is there a Touhou anime?

Despite its consistently growing underground popularity, there’s yet to be an official Touhou anime. The games’ fantasy premise and multitude of cute and beloved characters would make Touhou the perfect franchise for an anime adaptation.

Is Touhou anime fan made?

Some people might consider the Touhou Project video games to be an anime, while others may consider the official animated shorts released by ZUN Productions to be anime. Still others may consider any fan-made animations or comics featuring the characters from the Touhou Project game series to be anime.

How old is gensokyo?

Timeline. Translation of a page from the Japanese Touhou Wiki. The Gensokyo calendar dates from its sealing in 1884, and is based on the phase of the moon- due to calendar drift, it runs approximately two months earlier than ours.

What does Touhou mean in Japanese?

The Touhou Project (Japanese: 東方Project, Hepburn: Tōhō Purojekuto), also known simply as Touhou (東方, literally “Eastern” or “Oriental”), is a bullet hell shoot ’em up video game series created by one-man independent Japanese doujin soft developer Team Shanghai Alice.

Is Touhou religious?

All Touhou games have a religion/faith tag as most of them are closely related to Shinto, Japanese national religion, and sometimes Buddhism or Taoism.

What anime is Carnival Phantasm?

Carnival Phantasm (Japanese: カーニバル・ファンタズム, Hepburn: Kānibaru Fantazumu) is a comedy OVA series based on Eri Takenashi’s Type-Moon gag manga, Take-Moon (テイク・ムーン, Teiku Mūn). It focuses on absurd situations happening to each characters of Fate/stay night, Melty Blood and Tsukihime.

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