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Is Resasuke autistic?

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Is Resasuke autistic? There is one problem with this otherwise awesome and even progressive anime that really bothers me, and it has to do with Resasuke. Specifically, it has to do with the fact that he is very heavily coded as being on the autism spectrum, and in how the ending of the anime played out.

Does Tadano marry Retsuko? Eventually, they broke up at the end of the season as Tadano does not share Retsuko’s desire to get married.

What type of dog is Inui Aggretsuko? Inui’s appearance is based on a Borzoi. She is tall and slim with mostly white fur, but she does have some cream fur around her long, wavy ears.

What animal is Fenneko? Many of Retsuko’s co-workers have names that relate to their animal species. Gori (in marketing) is a gorilla, Fenneko is a fennec fox, and Haida is a hyena (pronounced just the right way).

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Is Fenneko a fox?

Fenneko the fox has an angelic face, but she’s as sarcastic and snide as they come. That doesn’t keep her from being a great best friend to both Retsuko and Haida.

Is Haida rich Aggretsuko?

Though their creations are different in scale, both Haida and Tadano both have a knack for technology. Additionally, Tadano and Haida both come from money but don’t flaunt their wealth, which is a very humbling and surprising trait to share. They’re both relatively down to earth and have also been rejected by Retsuko.

Who is Fenneko dating?

Manumaru. Manumaru and Fenneko met at the mixer and were implied to hit it off and possibly hint at a romantic interest. While Manumaru has been absent from the anime since, so their relationship is left ambiguous.

What does Aggretsuko mean in Japanese?

Sanrio first debuted Aggretsuko, which literally means “aggressive rage-girl,” on office supplies in May 2016.

What animal is Komiya?

Appearance. Komiya’s appearance is based on a Meerkat. He has fawn fur, brown ears, and black fur circling his eyes. Komiya is always seen in office attire consisting of a white dress shirt, green tie, khaki-colored pants, and brown dress shoes.

Who is Anai’s girlfriend?

Hakumi. Hakumi is Anai’s girlfriend. She is shown helping Anai in editing a book he would publish, but not much is known about their relationship outside of that.

Why did Retsuko reject Haida?

Retsuko visited him in the hospital, informing him of her break up with Resasuke, leading Haida to finally confess his feelings. Retsuko politely rejected him, saying she knew how he felt and that she did like him, but that she simply wasn’t ready for a relationship yet.

Does Tadano live in his car?

After the article is published and the online harassment starts, Retsuko starts staying in Tadano’s limo (which, remember, is also his home given that, limo or not, the man is literally living in his car because his commitment issues apparently run so deep he can’t even commit to an apartment).

Who did Retsuko marry?

After the Aggretsuko official Twitter account shared the two-minute teaser, one of the first replies from user @marumemore was a screenshot of Retsuko and Haida at their wedding.

Who has a crush on Retsuko?

Haida, a spotted Hyena, is Retsuko’s coworker. His seat is next to Retsuko in the office. He has a crush on Retsuko but too shy to tell her. He blushes very often when talking to Retsuko.

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