Is Sasuke a Kurapika copy?

Is Sasuke a Kurapika copy? Yes. Kishimoto said it himself he was inspired by Togashi’s work cause he is is his favorite manga author. But lets analyze this. Kurapika and Sasuke- Clan massacre, seeks revenge more than anything.

Did Kurapika marry neon? And since the Nostrade family only has a daughter and not a son, they would need a male to continue on the family business. So Kurapika married Neon. Which means that the Nostrade family isn’t gone.

What clan is Kurapika a part of? Kurapika is a member of the Kurta Clan. As a child, Kurapika almost fell from a cliff if not for the interference of his best friend, Pairo.

Who is Killua wife? Kikyo has black hair and pale skin. She is 170 centimeters tall and wears a dark purple bustle gown and a broad-brimmed hat decorated with feathers, fur, and flowers. Her face is covered in bandages due to Killua’s attack, though she later removes the bandages.

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Who married Hisoka?

It is important to note that Hisoka and Illumi are revealed to be engaged in the manga. This is proven by Illumi casually admitting to Chrollo that he and Hisoka’s ordeal is an engagement ring.

Does Gon have a love interest?

Those that believe that Gon and Killua had romantic feelings for each other use Killua’s character arc in the story as reason. More specifically, as it is believed that it was Kilua who was the one with the romantic feelings, while Gon only thought of their friendship as platonic.

Who is the fat Zoldyck?

Milluki Zoldyck (ミルキ=ゾルディック). The second oldest of the five Zaoldyeck brothers, he is obese and a big-time otaku. He himself states that he does in fact assassinate people, so it can be assumed that he is also trained in fighting and is stronger than the average human.

Is Pairo Canon HXH?

Kurapika’s backstory is the only part of the movie that is considered canon. Pairo’s comeback as a Soul Doll was written specifically for the movie and isn’t canon.

Who was #4 before Hisoka?

Omokage (オモカゲ, Omokage) was the first member #4 of the Phantom Troupe, who was later replaced by Hisoka.

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