Is Satori Tamaba a human?

Is Satori Tamaba a human? Satori Tamaba (眼目 さとり). As described by Hanasaka, Princess Satori is a strange one and she behaves like a mysterious creature pretending to be a human. Nomura also describes her that she has eyes like a fish. As seen in episode 9, the Satori we’ve seen isn’t the real Satori.

Who is Nomura’s girlfriend? Amou falls in love with Nomura after being defeated by him in a one-on-one battle, when he declined to be her subordinate. She gets very jealous when she saw Nomura get too close with the Supreme Five Sword members.

Does Nomura end up with AMOU? Esoteric Happy Ending: The anime ends with Nomura beating Amou, who gets expelled from school for causing trouble, but still manages to make peace with her. All’s well and good…

Did Draal and Nomura date? Draal the Deadly. It was hinted that Draal and Nomura once had a relationship with each other, which ended badly, given how hostile they were towards each other. However, they seem to have reconciled after Nomura reformed.

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Does AMOU love Nomura?

Amou Kirukiru falls in love with Nomura Fudou when they were at their previous school. Amou Kirukiru was very jealous after seeing Nomura Fudou get kissed by Onigawara Rin. In her jealousy, she said “Humans often act like small birds.

Who is the strongest in armed girl’s machiavellism?

Nomura is extremely strong, able to pack powerful punches and kicks. He even managed to wrestle a large bear in a sumo match, lifting up her entire body.

What is the power of Satori?

Satori can use Kenbunshoku Haki, which is called “Mantra” in Skypiea, to predict what his opponent will do before they attack. Like the other priests, he can sense the presence of people within a range that covers the entirety of Upper Yard.

Can satori read minds?

Reading minds: As a satori, she has the ability to read the heart and minds of any being, even vengeful spirits. She cannot stop this ability, and it only works on those near her.

Who is Nomura’s favorite character?

The game’s protagonist, Sora, became his favorite character he had designed so far. Following Kingdom Hearts, Nomura worked once again on the Final Fantasy series with Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy X-2.

Are koishi and satori sisters?

Koishi’s most important relationship is her older sister, Satori Komeiji. Despite Koishi closing her mind and seemingly whimsical wandering with conscious mind sealed away, and even if she lost all her thoughts and motives, she still recognizes her and likes being around her.

What is Tendou satori favorite food?

His favorite food is chocolate ice cream. Even though he thought the movie was scary, Tendō watched The Ring because he thought the actress who played Sadako was cute.

What species is satori?

Satori (覚) is a type of mountain-dwelling youkai in Japanese folklore that is known to live within the mountains of Hida and Mino (today’s Gifu Prefecture). They are famous for being the youkai that are able to read human thoughts.

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