Is Sebek a human?

Is Sebek a human? Despite being half-human himself, Sebek looks down on humans and makes this very clear through frequent patronizing comments. However, he is also an honest person, and will openly acknowledge others (human or not) for their talents or other impressive skills. He is blunt and not afraid to express his thoughts.

Is Twisted Wonderland kid friendly? Parents need to know that Disney Twisted-Wonderland is an action adventure game for iOS and Android devices. The game’s based around Disney properties, and uses characters from well-known movies as part of the adventure. Kids fight other creatures, but the combat involves using spells instead of real-world weapons.

Is twisted Wonderland a bl? It’s also not a boys-love game. Each character has a shortlist of other characters they get along best with, which makes them perform better together in the combat segments, but any romance is left up to individual interpretation.

Is Twisted Wonderland MC a girl? Sure, unlike Touken Ranbu and KanColle, where their MCs continues to be gender ambiguous in their anime and manga adaptation, Twisted Wonderland’s MC in the manga adaptation ended up being male – however, a statement was released by Yana revealed that the MC in the game and the MC for the manga are not the same people.

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Who is Yuuken Enma?

An original character and protagonist of Disney Twisted Wonderland – Episode of Heartslabyul. He’s a second-year student of Hibari Municipal High School and vice-captain of the kendo club in his original world.

Is Lilia Silver’s dad?

Background. Lilia served the lord of the Briar Valley and was a former royal guard who repeatedly threw himself to the flames of the war, and has earned medals for it. He also earned the queen’s trust due to his abilities and skills. He adopted Silver when he was a child and gave him the name Silver.

Is there an English version of Disney Twisted-Wonderland?

Aniplex has launched an English version of its mobile adventure game Disney Twisted-Wonderland in the US and Canada on iOS and Android devices.

Why does silver call Lilia father?

Background. Silver was an orphan adopted by Lilia at a young age. Silver used to think Lilia was his real father, until he noticed their ears look different.

Is Yuu a boy in Twisted Wonderland?

Yuuya, main character of the Twisted Wonderland light novel. He is a weak boy who falls into the Twisted Wonderland out of an unfortunate accident.

Who is the MC in Twisted Wonderland?

MC (Prefect). Their default name is Yuu, but the name can be changed by the player. Their gender is ambiguous and are referred to with gender neutral pronouns by other characters.

What is Vil’s unique magic?

His Signature Spell is called “Fairest One of All”, and allows him to place a curse on whatever he touches, with any conditions he chooses. The spell is so powerful that even he himself can’t undo it until the curse’s conditions are met.

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