Is SoulWorker shut down?

Is SoulWorker shut down? Thankfully, the tests came out negative. Anyway, I’m back with the your regularly-scheduled gaming news starting with SoulWorker. Gameforge officially shut down the anime-themed action MMO on Friday after just over two years of live service in the west.

Why was SoulWorker shut down? Under Gameforge, SoulWorker was officially servicing both the North America and Europe regions. The closure is due to the publishing contract between Gameforge and Korean developer Lion Games ending and no renewal planned.

Is SoulWorker still alive? The old SoulWorker was dying bcs of GameForge. But the new SoulWorker (LionGames) is alive again. There are a lot of newer player joining it.

Is Soul worker a good game? ✔️ SoulWorker has some of the best action combat in an Anime MMORPG. ✔️ It has a decent story if you need something to follow to take you away from the adruous grind that is present. ✔️ It looks gorgeous, and has an interesting setting for an MMO.

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What game is better than Genshin Impact?

Honkai Impact 3rd. If you are looking for the best game like Genshin Impact, then Honkai Impact 3rd would be my top recommendation. It is an intense RPG game in a fantasyland, and it also offers a Gacha system where you can get weapons, outfits and transform yourself into powerful characters.

What game should I play if I like Genshin?

Persona 5 Royal is probably the best JRPG on the PS4, and Genshin Impact fans looking for a game with unforgettable characters and a strong story should push Atlus’ game to the top of their wishlist.

How do you unlock violent sun?

Violent Sun can be unlocked as part of the “Crimson March III” quest of the Crimson March questline, which opens up after completing the “Unforgivable Past” quest. Access is limited to a maximum of three times per day per character but you can always purchase a Violent Sun Access Pass to reset the daily limit.

How do you get a Soulworker costume?

Most outfits can only be obtained from the cash shop but a few outfits can be earned in game by crafting fashion blueprints,purchased from the Grutin-o-mat or from events. Outfits are released on a rotating schedule and certain outfits are not always in the cash shop.

How do I change the language in SoulWorker academia?

Go to game libary, right click on SoulWorker -> properties -> Language (TAB). Here you can switch it.

Is SoulWorker available on mobile?

Previously exclusive to PC, fans can now play SoulWorker on mobile platforms. SoulWorker Anime Legends brings 6 heroes from the original version over to iOS and Android.

Is Gacha a SoulWorker game?

Thankfully, SoulWorker doesn’t have a gacha system in place for its characters; it only has one for fashion which is fair enough considering it’s a free game. Despite being an MMORPG, the gameplay is also similar enough to Genshin Impact’s and its over-the-top anime combat.

How do you make a soul worker?

To start crafting you have to find an NPC called Jenna, she is in every city so it’s not too hard to do. You’re then presented with a few options based on items classes and you can choose from there. Each item has its own material requirement and you can see these by selecting what you want to create.

How do you make a main character Soul worker?

At the top of the Char selection screen there is a “Gear” Icon for settings. You will select your character that you want to be your “Main” and click on “Main Character” This will set your Main character that you most frequently use or prefer to use.

How many characters are in SoulWorker?

SoulWorker features six playable characters that have their own unique weapons and skills. Character skills can further be improved by leveling through quests and dungeons.

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