Is swimmer Cat good against Bun Bun?

Is swimmer Cat good against Bun Bun? Unless you can freeze them, however, Swimmer Cat is not recommended for use against Teacher Bun Bun variants before True Form, due to being outranged.

Is kotatsu cat good Reddit? Kotatsu is actually a pretty good anti-floating meatshield when used appropriately, his ability to tank floating enemies is great. He’s not good against all floating enemies though, like most of the cyclones(Red, White, Angel, Metal(?)), and the super-buffed Bun Bun siege in Underground.

How good is hacker Cat? Hacker Cat has the same qualities of Nerd Cat except with Area Attack; it can be stacked at the start of levels for long ranged area damage. It is also very useful for stages that have a boss with a lot of range such as Chubby B.

Is kotatsu cat any good? Essentially an anti-Floating Sushi Cat, Kotatsu Cat serves as a wonderful shield to protect your cats from powerful Floating enemies like Teacher Bun Bun or Bun Bun Symbiote. Likewise, provided there are purely Floating enemies in the stage, Kotatsu might be able to weaken them consistently.

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Is good luck Ebisu cat good?

Ebisu is able to snipe dangerous backliners like Angelic Sleipnir because of his Long Distance ability. At first, his low chance rate of 30% seems pathetic, but when taking account of his multi-hit attack, the rate of a debuff jumps to more than 70%, which is more than adequate to keep enemy hordes at bay.

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Is Bath Cat good battle cats?

True Form. Luxury Bath Cat gains improved health and a faster attack rate. Surprisingly, the improved health is by almost 10,000, reaching 20,400 at level 30, above-average compared to most other Super Rare Cats.

Is Kasa Jizo the best Cat?

No cat in the game can be considered the best cat,as some cats are always better than others depending on the situation (Jizo actually helps less than Bombercat against Razorback),there can or can’t be cats better than him.

Which rare Cat should I evolve first?

Mercat is the first true you should get, cyborg is not that important and is definitely less important than mercat sanzo and rocker. cyborg is important but at the end of the day it’s not a huge buff to paris, whereas the 3 I mentioned are mostly dogshit without TF.

Is Driller cat good battle cats?

Driller Cat is a high-risk, high-reward unit. He has fantastic range for a Super Rare Cat, and with a 90% weaken, even the likes of Master A., R. Ost and H.

Is necromancer cat good?

Necro-Dancer Cat has a much better range, increasing the distance between him and the enemies, thereby making him easier to stack. Sadly, he is still outranged by many Floating enemies, like Owlbrow and Othom, which means that this shouldn’t be your go-to cat when facing Floating enemies, but he is helpful.

What is the slowest unit in Battle Cats?

Enemy. THE SLOTH is one of the slowest enemy units in the game in terms of speed and attack rate, but he can inflict upwards of 8,000 damage on multiple Cat Units.

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Is the Bodhisattva cat good?

Bodhisattva Cat would be a solid anti-Floating unit if not for the existence of Bishop Cat, whose True Form, Sanzo Cat, does everything Bodhisattva Cat does and more. Bodhisattva may have the higher stats, but when it comes to stalling Floating enemies, there’s just no beating Sanzo’s spammability.

Is crazed titan Cat good?

Crazed Titan Cat has ridiculous amounts of health and attack power, and a dangerously high chance to create a wave. The wave length is level 7, so not even Hacker Cat can outrange it, making him rather useless. High health fighters such as Crazed Fish Cat are recommended due to their outstanding cost efficiency.

What is the best super rare Cat in Battle cats?

Manic Lion has a unique combination of stats that almost no other cat has (Fast, Rapid attacks, Area Attack, high knockback count, spammable).

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