Is Tewi a Moon Rabbit?

Is Tewi a Moon Rabbit? Tewi is a very lighthearted and playful youkai, and is known to lie at times.

因幡 いなば てゐ

因幡 いなば てゐ Tewi Inaba ina̠βa̠ te̞i (♫) Tei Inaba
SpeciesYoukai Rabbit
AbilitiesConferring good luck to humans
AgeAt least 3,000 years old.

How old is Tewi Touhou? Despite her childish appearance, she is very old (at least 1,300 years old). If she really was the White Rabbit of Inaba, then this would make her one of the oldest characters in the Touhou Project. Tewi is a very lighthearted and playful youkai that is known to lie at times.

Who is Junko Touhou? Junko is the final boss of Touhou 15, Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Junko’s power is to purify anything, it refers to the refining of substances to remove impurities, such as in the refinement of metals.

What is Suwako Moriya the god of? The true god of the Shrine of Moriya(守矢). She is the God of Mountains, and was once the leader of the many gods that lived in the Mountains. During ancient times, she was a god in control of “Mishaguji”.

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How old is Akyuu?

Akyuu is physically only ten years old at the time Perfect Memento in Strict Sense was published, and doesn’t have a very long lifespan, presumably because of the reincarnation process, she is also physically weak likely due to this.

How do you pronounce Tewi?

It’s pronounced ‘Tay’. Basically, Tewi’s name is spelled ‘てゐ’, and ゐ is unused in modern Japanese, but it’s romanized as ‘wi’ when it is used.

How old is gensokyo?

Timeline. Translation of a page from the Japanese Touhou Wiki. The Gensokyo calendar dates from its sealing in 1884, and is based on the phase of the moon- due to calendar drift, it runs approximately two months earlier than ours.

Who is the bunny girl in Touhou?

Reisen Udongein Inaba is one of the legendary lunar rabbits; she fled from the Moon to Earth as a refugee from the “Lunar War” between the two worlds that began in 1969 A.D. after the Apollo 11 “invasion”.

Is reimu a human?

Reimu is generally a joyful and airheaded person. She’s also incredibly prideful and quite arrogant due to it. She’s often seen in a good mood until her routines are broken by some outside influence, be it a youkai or the like.

Where is Tewi Inaba from?

Tewi Inaba is a character from Touhou who is one of the many, many youkai rabbits that lives at and guards Eientei, a mansion deep in a bamboo forest – though she’s the one all the earth rabbits actually listen to.

Is Tewi older than Reisen?

In fanworks, Reisen and Eirin treats her like baby. But in fact, Tewi is much older than Reisen or Eirin, and the building site of Eientei in Bamboo Forest originally belongs to Tewi.

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