Is the Broken Empire worth reading Reddit?

Is the Broken Empire worth reading Reddit? Its a very well liked series from one of r/fantasy’s most popular (and active!) authors. It’s a grimdark story on an incredebly unlikeably likeable protaganist. Its best if you go into a bit blind I think, there is loads of conversation on this sub about it, but it might give away some of the better plot points.

Is King of Thorn a series? King of Thorn (いばらの王, Ibara no Ou) is a Japanese fantastique manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Iwahara.

Is Prince of thorns dark? The Prince of Thorns is a dark story that follows the path of a ruthless thirteen year old prince who was irreparably scarred by the murder of his mother and brother at a young age. Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath has now dedicated his life to revenge, seeking to exact a grisly death on their killer Count Renar.

Is a prince of thorns hard to read? Prince of Thorns is not an easy novel to read, despite the fast-flowing prose and short chapters. It’s caustic and hard to swallow; it won’t wish you off to sleep with pleasant dreams, nor greet you in the morning with a smile on its face and a kiss on your lips.

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Is the broken empire trilogy good?

From start to finish this is a well written, compelling mesmerizing trilogy with a whole cast of vivid characters brought to life by the authors lyrical prose that by its conclusion will have easily justified the time you have put into it.

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What happens in King of thorns?

Jorg of Ancrath has seized the throne of Renar and now rules the Highlands as a king and a sworn enemy to his father. When one of his companions is consumed by fire magic, Jorg resolves to take him across the Broken Empire to a distant volcano where he might find help.

Who is the dead king broken empire?

William Ancrath, also known as the Dead King, is the second son of King Olidan Ancrath by his first wife, Queen Rowen and the younger brother of Jorg Ancrath.

What happens at the end of King of thorns?

Upon the realisation that his son would never be safe, Jorg died to reunite with William (the Dead King). From the depths of the afterlife, he used his knowledge of how belief shapes the world to shift reality back to where it was meant to be by turning the wheel.

How old is Jorg in King of thorns?

Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath. Prince Jorg, eldest living son of King Olidan of Ancrath, is a violent teenager with an unquenchable thirst for power and vengeance. At only 14 years of age, he is a hardened brigand, tall and muscular for his age despite his still youthful facial features.

Is Jorg Prometheus?

In Book of the Ice, the name Jorg is never mentioned, as he always goes by the name Theus or Prometheus, but there can no longer be any doubt.

How do you pronounce Jorg Prince of Thorns?

It was originally Jorge (like George) but Americans pronounce that as Hoor-Hey, so I lost the ‘e’. In the US audio book they say Jorg as I would (because they asked me). In the UK audio book they say Yorg (they didn’t ask me).

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