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Is the sniper Yuri’s brother?

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Is the sniper Yuri’s brother? English. Yuka Makoto better known as Sniper Mask, and also known as “Mr. Mask” is the anti-heroic supporting character of High-Rise Invasion. He is the brother to Rika Honjo and a stepbrother of Yuri Honjo.

Who is the great angel in High-Rise Invasion? Benjamin Diskin is the English dub voice of Great Angel in High-Rise Invasion, and Kaito Ishikawa is the Japanese voice.

How strong is the great angel from High-Rise Invasion? Superhuman Strength: His strikes have proven to be strong enough to destroy walls and sometimes even part of the buildings he’s fighting on.

What does Angel mean in High-Rise Invasion? Smiling Mask, otherwise known as ‘Angels’, are the most commonly seen mask type. These masks are known to have three main commands, Despair, Murder, and Suicide. Smiling Mask.

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Who is the villain in High-Rise Invasion?

Mamoru Aikawa is a major antagonist of High-Rise Invasion. He was a God Candidate who was killed by the Administrator during the Battle between Sniper Mask and Rika Honjo for breaking the rules of the organ. Mamoru served as the main antagonist of the anime.

Is Aikawa Yuri’s brother?

English. Rika Honjo (本城 理火, Honjō Rika), real name Rika Makoto (誠 理火 Makoto Rika), is the older brother of Yuri Honjo who later becomes the apostle of Mamoru Aikawa.

Why did Mayuko put on the mask?

Abilities. Mayuko is an experienced knife wielder, as seen by her body count of littered bodies. This ability heightened when she acquired the traits of an “angel”, wearing the defective smiling mask, thus having the capability to perform fights in a way a normal human cannot do.

Who is Sniper Mask love interest?

Mayuko Nise. They begin as friends, but later become romantically involved with each other, sleeping together, kissing, and blushing at one other. Some critics call them “murder girlfriends” as they work together to fight off masked figures, saving each other multiple times.

What is Sniper Mask real name?

Sniper Mask also known as ” Mr. Sniper “. His real name is Yuka Makoto. After Kuon Shinzaki’s “death” her powers were transfered to him.

Does Yuri become God?

Abilities. Faceless Mask: After wearing the Faceless Mask, Yuri became a God Candidate, allowing her to access various powers, like Self Enhancement, Mask Manipulation, and more.

How strong is Sniper Mask?

Sniper Mask is extremely accurate, able to easily hit any shot in 200m or less, intercept the projectile of a grenade launcher, shoot behind his back and shoot his rifle accurately with one hand through an ajar door without even looking at it.

Does Yuri become closer to God?

Person Close to God: After putting on a Faceless Mask Yuri became a “Person Close to God”, one of the people competing to become God. Depending on their experience and compatibility, the person close to God will awaken one or more abilities.

How does High-Rise Invasion end?

At the end of season one of high-invasion, Mamoru Aikawa, Kuon Shizaki and Yuri the protagonist all end up as God candidates after a brutal fight for their survival. Yuri is still in search of her brother but also finds friendship and support from her friends inside the realm.

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