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Is the Yoshiwara in flames arc good?

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Is the Yoshiwara in flames arc good? Yoshiwara’s definitely great, and it might take a while to reach the same level of intensity again.

What is the most serious arc in Gintama? There are many serious arcs in Gintama, but some of the most notable ones are the Benizakura Arc, the Yoshiwara in Flames Arc, and the Farewell Shinsengumi Arc. These arcs are all very important to the story of Gintama and feature some of its most iconic moments.

Who is the strongest Shinsengumi in Gintama? Having trained under Kondo Isao from a young age, Okita has become well-known as the Shinsengumi’s strongest fighter.

Is the Yagyu arc good? The action was REALLY good, as has been in the series ofc, and it was heartwarming. I especially loved when everyone came together to fight at the end when Gin and Shin were against Kyu and their grandfather. AND MOST OF ALL IT WAS SO DAMN FUNNY.

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In which episode Gintama get good?

I found that Gintama started to become good around the 40 episode mark. Still, i personally found it to be a little inconstant with its comedy, but it is pretty hilarious at times.

Is Red Spider arc good?

In conclusion, Red Spider Arc is such an awesome arc. The vibe is cool, the soundtrack is awesome and its has an intense emotionally charged action. It is also the breeding ground for gintsu shipper, wich probably gonna make some part of fandom upset. But it is what it is and we can just enjoy or choose not to.

What episode is courtesan of a nation arc?

Courtesan of the Nation Arc is the 47th arc in the Gintama series. This arc introduces the arc’s main antagonist Tokugawa Sada Sada, Rotten Maizou and the recurring antagonists, the Naraku and its leader Oboro.

Can I skip the first arc of Gintama?

First 50 episodes are actually important for character introductions. They are not as good but they are not that bad either. Ep 1– 25 are called the boring eps. Skip 1–2ep they are filler and bad.

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Table of Contents