Is there a Miata in Initial D?

Is there a Miata in Initial D? Takumi’s first adversary in Fourth Stage is a red Mazda Eunos (Miata in U.S.). This will make for the first non-RX-7 Mazda in the series’ history.

How fast is a Honda Beat? 84 mph. Specification

Power64 hp / 8100 rpm
Torque44 lbft / 7000 rpm
Weight760 kg
Top speed84 mph (limited)

What colors do Suzuki cappuccinos come in? The Cappuccino only came in 2 colours for the UK, Silver and Red, and the Japanese got 3 extra colours, Green, Blue and Black.

How much does a Honda Beat weight? 1,675 lb. Honda Beat

Honda Beat (PP1)
Length3,295 mm (129.7 in)
Width1,395 mm (54.9 in)
Height1,175 mm (46.3 in)
Curb weight1,675 lb (760 kg)

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Is Suzuki Cappuccino good?

In conclusion, the Suzuki Cappuccino is a blast to drive and is one of the best sports Kei cars that Japan has ever produced. It’s not loaded with various sensors and numerous electronic aids like today’s cars are. It’s a bare-bones mid-engine, a pint-sized sports car designed for you to get in and have fun!

How much horsepower does a Suzuki Cappuccino have?

This Suzuki Cappuccino has a power output of 63 hp, which is enough for its compact size.

Are Suzuki cars still made?

Today Suzuki is among the world’s largest automakers, and a major brand name in important markets, including Japan and India, but no longer sells cars in North America.

What car is the Cappuccino in Initial D?

The Suzuki Cappuccino is a small 2-door, 2-seater detachable hardtop Kei car produced by Suzuki. It ran for two generations from 1991 to 1998, the first generation had the chassis code EA11R, and the second EA21R.

What is a Suzuki Cappuccino worth?

Today consumers can find Cappuccinos, already imported into the United States for approximately $10,000.

Is Suzuki Cappuccino fast?

Powered by a turbocharged engine that only has a displacement of 657cc, the Cappuccino makes 63hp. With such a low curb weight, the little Suzuki will nip to 60mph in a little over 7 seconds, depending on the weight of the driver, obviously.

When did Suzuki stop making the Cappuccino?

Production began in 1991 and ceased in 1998. The Cappuccino’s closest competitor of the time were the Autozam AZ-1, Honda Beat and the Daihatsu Leeza Spyder. (The Autozam AZ-1, Honda Beat and Suzuki Cappuccino were together called the Sporty Kei-Car’s ABC.)

How many miles will a Suzuki Cappuccino last?

Crucially, even though the Cappuccino features a 657cc engine, you can expect the triple to last well over 100,000 miles if looked after. Buying a car with history is desirable as the engine needs its oil changed every 6000 miles.

Is Suzuki Cappuccino rare?

“Only 28,000 Cappuccinos were built in the Nineties, and of those, just 1,110 came to the UK; fewer than half of them may still in existence, but only around 150 are on our road,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt.

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