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Is there a season 2 of in another world with my smartphone?

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Is there a season 2 of in another world with my smartphone? The second season of In Another World With My Smartphone is set to premiere in Spring 2023. A teaser visual has been released. As reported by Comic Natalie, J.C.STAFF is producing the new season of In Another World With My Smartphone instead of Ashi Productions (then known as Production Reed).

Is Spirit chronicles a harem? Even if he doesn’t choose to marry multiple women, it’s a harem, with all the side glances and blushing going on in scenes between Rio and virtually any named female character.

Will there be a Ep 13 of spirit Chronicles? There are a total of 1 season of Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles. 3. When is the Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Episode 13 release date? The Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Episode 13 is expected to be released on Septem.

Does Rio and Celia get together? Celia also confirmed that she had feelings for Rio in the previous episodes. So I was looking forward to seeing the development between the two of them. This scene was very heartwarming because at last, after 4 years, the two of them were finally reunited.

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Who killed Zen in spirit Chronicles?

Lucius Orgueil: Lucius was one of Zen’s adventurer friends but Lucius was only pretending to be a friend before murdering Zen out of pure entertainment.

Was spirit Chronicles Cancelled?

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles renewed for season 2. It’s good news for fans of Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles, the anime series has been officially renewed for season 2 by TMS Entertainment, the production company behind the anime.

Who does Celia end up with?

But her marriage with Oliver does not bring disgrace to her character. Oliver was a bad character but has changed into a good one by a sudden stroke. So Celia’s marriage with Oliver is not a blot on her character.

Who does Rio sleep with?

Season 2, Episode 4 — “Pick Your Poison”. After a season and a half of tension, Beth and Rio finally have sex — in a restaurant bathroom.

Who falls in love with Rio?

With intense threats and passionate conversations, Rio and Beth finally hooked up in Season 2.

Who is Aki in spirit Chronicles?

Masato’s older step-sister and a Childhood Friend of Ayase Miharu, Sendou Aki is the 13 year-old younger step-sister of Sendou Takahisa. Her mother Sendou Yuki remarried Takahisa and Masato’s father after the former’s messy divorce, with Aki becoming quite fond of her new older step-brother.

Who is Rio girlfriend in spirit Chronicles?

Miharu Ayase. Miharu Ayase is Amakawa Haruto’s (Rio’s previous life) first love and childhood friend. Before they separated when they were nine years old, they made a promise to marry each other when they grew up.

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