Is there season 2 of Masamune-kun no Revenge?

Is there season 2 of Masamune-kun no Revenge? Masamune-kun’s Revenge will be returning with a second season years after the first season originally made its premiere, and it has revealed its first poster for the new episodes to help commemorate the occasion!

Do Aki and Masamune get together? Masamune is convinced repairing their relationship will not work, but Aki blushed and says “It’s not completely hopeless.” She finally asked Makabe to kiss her properly, ending the series with Aki and Makabe together.

What is the last chapter of Masamune-kun no revenge? Chapter 26: Yasaka Festival’s Snow White: Part 4. Chapter 27: Yasaka Festival’s Snow White: Part 5. Chapter 28: The End of the Show; The Start of the Festival.

Does Yoshino like Masamune? As the story progresses, it is revealed that Yoshino actually has had a crush on Masamune, however, Masamune turns her down because of his feelings for Aki.

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Is Aki Adagaki a tsundere?

Adagaki Aki is a main character from Masamune-kun’s revenge and is a tsundere, while being slightly himedere.

Does Masamune tell Aki the truth?

In Chapter 39, after learning the truth from Yoshino, he quickly sprints to where Aki and Kanetsugu are. He finds them and confronts Kanetsugu and Aki. Finally, he tells Aki the truth about him being the Masamune she had befriended back then.

Who is Masamune girlfriend?

Masamune Makabe was a chubby boy who had a close relationship with Aki Adagaki, a beautiful wealthy girl, until one day she cruelly rejected him and gave him the nickname “Pig’s Foot”.

Who does Fujinomiya Neko end up with?

Suzuko Mimori (Neko’s voice actress) is currently married to Kazuchika Okada, the current IWGP champion.

What episode does Masamune get his revenge?

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode 12 (Final) Review: Don`t Let Go of the Mic, Even If You Die | MANGA. TOKYO.

What is the age rating for Masamune kun’s revenge?

13 years and up. Product information

Publisher‎Seven Seas (December 6, 2016)
Reading age13 years and up
Grade level‎7 – 9
Item Weight‎4.8 ounces
Dimensions‎5 x 0.54 x 7.19 inches

What episode does Masamune ignore Aki?

“Clear and Present Danger” (今そこにある危機, Ima soko ni aru kiki), is the fourth episode of the anime adaptation, Masamune-kun no Revenge.

Why does Aki Adagaki eat so much?

Aki has a habit of eating too much. This is due to her hypoglycemia, which is a condition when there are low levels of glucose or sugar in a person’s bloodstream.

What happens to Neko in Masamune?

After being rejected by Masamune, Neko disappears, and they all go to search for her. Aki seems to feel sorry for Neko since she was rejected, and then Masamune asks her if she remembers the nickname “Pig’s Foot.” When they finally find Neko, she starts talking about the past.

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