Is Topaz from Steven Universe a girl?

Is Topaz from Steven Universe a girl? Topaz is a major antagonist in Steven Universe. She is a Homeworld Gem fusion who serves under Yellow Diamond. She serves as the secondary antagonist of Season 4 and returns as an anti-villain in the first episode of the fifth season. She is voiced by Martha Higareda.

Is Rainbow Quartz a boy? Rainbow Quartz in non-binary. They justhave a male VA which means nothing. Steven Universe does drag Voice acting all the time. In this case, Rebecca Sugar specifically clarified on the Steven Universe podcast that Rainbow 2.0 uses they/them/he/him and Sunstone uses they/them/she/her around the 49 minute mark.

Is there a white diamond in Steven Universe? White Diamond, or White for short, is a Homeworld Gem and the leader of the Great Diamond Authority that formerly ruled over the Gem race. She held supreme authority over all Gems, including her fellow Diamonds, and was seen as a being beyond the rest of her kind.

How long was lapis fused with Jasper? Click here to see more of Malachite’s quotes. Malachite is the fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli. She made her debut in “Jail Break”. After being fused for several months, she was finally defeated by Alexandrite during their duel in “Super Watermelon Island”.

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Why did eyeball cry in Steven Universe?

Another example was when Amethyst as Jasper placed Doc onto her lap when they were heading to the Moon Base, which caused Eyeball to cry. While she initially didn’t believe that Steven was Rose Quartz, he managed to prove it by healing her cracked gem.

Is there a moonstone in Steven Universe?

Moonstone, also known as the Invisible Gem Monster in her corrupted state, is a former corrupted Gem that first appeared in “Island Adventure”. She was later healed in “Change Your Mind”.

Is Steven a diamond?

Steven isn’t a true gem- he’s half gem, half human. This alone makes his physical form radically different than PD/Rose.

Do Aquamarine and Raymond end up together?

By the end of the film, they are currently boyfriend and girlfriend and putting their relationship on hold being she had to swim back into the ocean for a little bit. It can be assumed that Aqua swam back for Raymond some time after the events in the first film.

How old is Aquamarine?

She appears to be around 16-17 years old and looks a little older than Hailey and Claire. She also wears a necklace that appears to be historic looking and old, but beautiful.

Does Raymond find out about Aquamarine?

Just then, a boy named Arthur falls into the swimming pool. Aquamarine rescues him, with the help of Raymond. Raymond, seeing her tail and thus realizing she is a mermaid, is utterly shocked, however, this discovery does nothing to impair his adoration of her.

Is Bluebird evil Steven Universe?

She is arguably the most evil character in Steven Universe due to the fact that she was still willing to try and kill Greg and Steven, while fooling the Crystal Gems and taking advantage of their trust. Despite Bluebird and her fusion components being the only villains not to redeem themselves in the series.

What fusion is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is the fusion of two Homeworld Aquamarines, and an original character created by GemCrust, for a friend.

What happened to Aquamarine and eyeball?

At some point during Era-3, Aquamarine fused with “Eyeball” into Bluebird Azurite to enact their revenge on Steven for being banished from Homeworld after Steven denounces Homeworld’s hierarchy.

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