Is Toradora a sad ending?

Is Toradora a sad ending? While Toradora! is a heartwarming romance that won over fans, one character didn’t get the happy ending she deserved.

Why is it called Toradora? The title Toradora! is derived from the names of the two main characters Taiga Aisaka and Ryūji Takasu. Taiga’s name is almost homophonic with taigā (タイガー) from English tiger (the final a is more lengthened in the English loanword), which is synonymous with the native Japanese word tora (とら).

When did Taiga start liking Ryuuji? I guess the “correct” answer would be episode 19 in which Taiga realizes that she’s in love with Ryuji. However, I think that the first major indication of her romantic feelings for Ryuji was shown in episode 8 when she saved him from drowning in the pool.

How old is Ryuji’s mom? Yasuko is Ryuuji’s thirty-three-year-old mother, though she refers to herself as eternally twenty-three; she has large, F-cup-sized breasts. Soon after Ryuuji was born, her husband died which left her to raise her son by herself.

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Do taiga and Ryuuji have kids?

In the game (VN), yes they get married. He becomes an interior designer and she gets pregnant with triplets.

Why does Kawashima Ami like Ryuuji?

Ami Kawashima. Ami liked to tease Ryuuji every time she had the chance because she found Ryuuji interesting. Ami’s intrigue to Ryuuji begins to develop romantic feelings towards him. Ami always drops her facade when she sees Ryuuji and feels like she could be her true self when she’s around him.

How old is Taiga Aisaka now?

Taiga Aisaka has lightest brown hair, white skin, big eyes with brown pupils and she is short, despite her being 18 years old. She wears different outfits throughout the series, but most often she wears her white uniform with a black bow and red jacket.

Who does Minori end up with?

Though Minori doesn’t verbally confess to having been in love with Ryuuji until the very end of the series, she actually does admit her feelings within the first ten episodes. Thing is, it’s in her own cryptic Minori way, so it flies right over Ryuuji’s head.

What does Ryuuji mom do?

Yasuko works at a hostess bar named Bishamontengoku where she goes by the name Mirano (魅羅乃) and singlehandedly supports her two-member family financially.

How long did Taiga leave?

Taiga goes elsewhere for more than a whole year, entirely skipped in the anime narrative. What the hell was she doing, achieved or solved? As a clue, the ep. 25 aftercredits preview has her in the voiceover saying she will now Show Ryuji her way of doing things.

What does Toradora mean in Japanese?

When you translate Toradora into the English language it means doragon. In an interesting twist, this is a combination of the Japanese names of the two characters which mean dragon and tiger. When you put Taiga and Ryuji which mean tiger and dragon, you get doragon or Toradora.

Does Taiga get pregnant in Toradora?

During Taiga’s ending on the PSP, she marries Ryuuji (which now makes her Taiga Takasu) and becomes pregnant with triplets, in which this ending is also how presumably it would’ve gone in the anime.

What race is taiga aisaka?

Taiga Aisaka

Type:Misunderstood Tsundere Tragic In Love
Portrayed by:Rie Kagamiya (Japanese) Cassandra Lee Morris (English)
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