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Is UTA canon One Piece?

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Is UTA canon One Piece? While the events of One Piece Film: Red are not canon, creator Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that Uta’s existence is canon. (This is similar to Shiki in One Piece Film: Strong World, another film Oda was highly involved with.) She does exist in the world of One Piece as Shanks’ daughter.

Is UTA arc filler? The Uta’s Past Arc is the fifteenth filler arc and the sixth filler arc after the timeskip. It ties into the movie One Piece Film: Red.

Is UTA a shank canon? The movie has now premiered in Japan and we can confirm that it is part of the larger canon, which means that Uta is canonically Shanks’ daughter in One Piece.

Is UTA a villain? He serves as a supporting protagonist in the manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul until he is revealed to be a prime member of the Clowns, one of the Bigger Bads of the series. In the sequel series, Tokyo Ghoul:re, Uta becomes one of the secondary antagonists alongside fellow Clown member Donato Porpora.

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Is UTA a celestial dragon?

According to the World Nobles, Uta and Shanks were implied to be from the prestigious Farland family, a bloodline highly regarded even amongst the Celestial Dragons.

Is UTA canon One Piece red?

So as you might expect from all of that, Red introduces a rather major canon character: Shanks’ daughter, Uta. It’s series canon, then, that Shanks has a daughter who Luffy hung out with on Windmill Island when they were kids.

Who did Shanks have a kid with?

So, Makino had a child during the timeskip, the most famous theory out there is that the child is Shanks’ and Makino’s mainly because Oda Goda answered someone’s question in the SBS by saying that Makino’s child is “probably that person”.

Why did UTA left Shanks?

Shanks was convicted of the crime and had to abandon her. This could explain why Uta hates pirates.

What is UTA to Luffy?

Uta is a character who ties deeply to both Luffy and the famous pirate and one of the Yonko of the Sea, Red-haired Shanks. As revealed in the trailer for the movie, Uta is Shanks’s daughter, and thus holds tremendous importance to him.

What happen to UTA?

Uta dissolves into bubbles, and the phenomenon leaves the city of Tokyo and returns its gravitational force back to how it was five years ago. Construction work ensues while the bubbles remain all around the world as droplets of water instead of causing chaos.

Why did UTA leave Shanks?

Shanks was convicted of the crime and had to abandon her. This could explain why Uta hates pirates.

Is Episode 1029 a filler?

#ONEPIECE #OP_FILMRED ONE PIECE anime episodes from 1029 to 1031 will be FILLER on the occasion of Film RED, and the titles as follows : 1029: Red Hair Daughter!

Are any One Piece films canon?

The One Piece movies, however, are more typical fare of non-canon anime movies; Shiki and Daft Green from Strong World are canon, as is Laugh Tale’s spelling from Stampede, but the actual events of those movies explicitly aren’t.

Is UTA canonically Shanks daughter?

Shanks is Uta’s adoptive father. She does not address him as “father” or any of its synonyms, only referring to him as Shanks; she did this even when she was with him as a member of his crew due to the respect she had for him as a great pirate.

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Table of Contents