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Is Wonder Egg Priority getting more episodes?

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Is Wonder Egg Priority getting more episodes? While the special episode set the series up for a second season, an OVA, or a movie, we’ve heard nothing concerning any further production of Wonder Egg Priority. Despite being a sleeper hit internationally, the series is rumored to have not done that well in Japan.

How old is OHTO AI? Ai Ohto is a main protagonist of the anime Wonder Egg Priority. She is fourteen-year-old girl that fights to revive her best friend who had committed suicide at the end of the last semester on school grounds.

Is Wonder Egg episode 8 filler? Fans may balk at recap episodes, but Wonder Egg Priority Episode 8 actually solves some mysteries while bringing things into clearer focus.

Is episode 13 of WEP a recap? However… initially, Wonder Egg Priority Episode 13 recaps the series thus far, making this the second recap episode in the cour.

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Is Wonder Egg Priority special the last episode?

Episode Production. My Priority (私のプライオリティ, Watashi no Puraioriti?) is the continuation of Episode 12 and the conclusion of the Wonder Egg Priority anime series. The first half of the special is a recap of the previous episodes.

How many episodes will wonder egg have?

Wonder Egg Priority

ワンダーエッグ・プライオリティ (Wandā Eggu Puraioriti)
Licensed byCrunchyroll SEA GaragePlay
Original networkNNS (Nippon TV)
Original runJanuary 13, 2021 – March 31, 2021 June 30, 2021 (Special)
Episodes12 + Special

Will there be more Wonder Egg Priority season 2?

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2: Release Date. Judging by the time it takes for a studio to make one full cour, it looks like six months is more than enough for the makers to complete the sequel. So, fans can expect the second season in late-2022 at the earliest.

Why did Wonder Egg Priority end like that?

Is Neiru alive?

What happened to Neiru? Neiru also completed her mission, and her twin younger sister Airu is brought back to life – whom Ai thinks is Neiru at first. Kotobuki Awano is also revived with no memories of dying. However, unlike the other heroines, Neiru hasn’t made it back from the dream world.

Who is Neiru’s sister?

Airu is Neiru’s identical sister, and is who Neiru is trying to bring back to life by fighting in the Egg World. Before Airu commits suicide, she stabs Neiru in the back, leaving her with a scar. After she is brought back to life, she acts as Neiru when she is missing.

Is Mr Sawaki a villain?

The first five episodes of Wonder Egg Priority constantly hinted at Mr. Sawaki being a villain. These hints, however, come from a biased source — they’re solely from Ai’s perspective, and Ai seems to dislike him for some reason or another.

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