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Is Xiao Yan in the great ruler?

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Is Xiao Yan in the great ruler? Twenty-seven years later, after the war ended with Mu Chen ascending to The Great Ruler realm, Xiao Yan was able to leave his entire name on the Firmament Board, effectively becoming one of the Great Rulers along with Mu Chen and Lin Dong.

What happen to Xiao Yan father? Xiao Yan devastated when he learned that his father was attacked and kidnapped after his battle with Na Lan Ya Ran.

Who is the most powerful in BTTH? Ranking

  • 1 Dou Zhi – Fighter Disciple.
  • 2 Dou Zhe – Fighter Practitioner.
  • 3 Dou Shi – Fighting Master.
  • 4 Da Dou Shi – Grand Master.
  • 5 Dou Ling – Fighter Spirit.
  • 6 Dou Wang – Fighting King.
  • 7 Dou Huang – Fighting Emperor.
  • 8 Dou Zong – Ancestor.

Who is Xiao crush? 1/12 Xiao Loves Zhongli. This was shown when he protected Liyue from Osial, despite the fact that he believed the Geo Archon to be dead.

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Why was Xiao Cancelled?

The incident started when the internet censorship system known as the Great Firewall of China blocked the fan fiction publishing platform Archive of Our Own in the country, due to concerns about the actor’s fanbase regarding vulgar and explicit content on the website.

What kind of demon is Xiao?

The British sinologist David Hawkes notes Xiao Yang was “an anthropoid monster whose upper lip covers his face when he laughs. His laughter was sinister, it was said, being an indication that he was about to eat human flesh”; and glosses, “A hideous man-eating demon living in solitary places.”

What is Xiao suffering from?

Despite suffering from constant karmic debt, Xiao is highly resilient towards its alluring corruption, as his fellow yaksha have either succumbed or died to it.

Why was Mu Chen kicked out of the spiritual road?

He is the only person in Northern Spiritual Academy who enters the Spiritual Road, but he was expelled from the spiritual path after one year because of the bloodbath he caused in Spiritual Road.

Who is Xiao mom?

Shi Long. The moment the empress and her husband found infant Shi Long, they loved her like a daughter. They doted on her for several years, with a strong mother-daughter bond between the two until Xiao was born, upon which she stated focusing on Xiao instead.

Did Xiao Yan marry Yun Zhi?

Nope, actually according to the comics of battle through the heavens Xiao Yan will not marry with Yan Zhei. And yeh, they have a true pure love, but Yun zhi talk about Naran clan so which also change the mind of XIao Yan.

How old is Xiao Yan in battle through the heavens?

First lets use the light novel as the source rather than the manhua. At the start of the manhua Xiao Yan was at the age of 15, with 16 being the age where he must attend the coming of age ceremony.

Who is Yun Yun in battle through the heavens?

Yun Yun is one of the main female deuteragonist of Battle through the Heavens. the She is an ally of Xiao Yan and was the leader of the Misty Cloud Sect until it was disbanded by Xiao Yan. She later traveled to the central plains and became the sect leader of the Flower Sect on the insistence of Xiao Yan .

What rank is Xiao Yan?

Description: This flame is rank 11 essence flame and has the proprieties of ice and fire in a single body. In the light novel, Xiao Yan does not have full control of this flame while he is in control of his body.

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