Is Xing based on China?

Is Xing based on China? In addition to the heavy parallels to China, Xing has some smaller aspects of their culture appear to be Japan-inspired as well, such as the obviously ninja-based skills, weaponry, and clothing Fu and Lan Fan sport, as well as Ling’s use of the strips of cotton cloth known as “sarashi” that were historically worn by …

Where is Ishval? Ishval (Ishbal in the 2003 series and the Viz manga) is a region of Southeastern Amestris on the border of the Eastern Desert.

What country does FMA take place in? Setting. Fullmetal Alchemist takes place in the fictional country of Amestris (アメストリス, Amesutorisu).

Is Amestris a real country? The anime and manga series Fullmetal Alchemist features the fictional country of Amestris. 400 years prior to the start of the show, there existed a country known as Xerxes.

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Who are Ishvalans based on?

The Ishvalan culture appears to be based on an amalgamation of various different cultures including; Middle Eastern cultures, Indian cultures, as well as Indigenous Native American cultures. The material culture and architecture is similar to the Middle East.

What country is Amestris supposed to be?

Amestris has many similarities to Nazi Germany. They are both ruled by a dictator and have similar enemies: the Nazi nation had Russia while Amestris had Drachma. And they allied with Aerugo similar to how Nazi Germany allied themselves with Fascist Italy by the Berlin-Rome Pact.

Did Hohenheim create Alkahestry?

Van Hohenheim helped create Alkahestry, and has knowledge of it, but is never seen using it. Because of their differing origins, Father cannot control Alkahestry as he does Alchemy.

Is King Bradley wrath or pride?

In both the manga and 2009 series, Bradley’s Homunculus name is Wrath and he was created by Father. In the 2003 series, he is known as Pride and was created by Dante. Though he is named after different sins in each series, his personality remains the same, as do his abilities.

What country is Ling from FMA?

Ling Yao

Ling Yao
AliasYoung Master Prince Ling Greeling
Professional Status

How old is Lan Fan?

Lan Fan

Age15; 18
Professional Status
AffiliationLing Yao; Yao Clan

Is Van Hohenheim a homunculus?

Van Hohenheim was not always a free man. Before his descent into the world of alchemy, he was a slave. Hohenheim was then known as Slave #23, and it was there that he met the mysterious figure, Father. Then, he was called the Dwarf in the Flask, otherwise known as Homunculus.

What rank are state alchemists?

State Alchemist is equivalent in rank to Major. All names with a “+” in the superscript are State Alchemists and/or military officials. During the Ishval Civil War however, State Alchemists were not given the authority of a Major unless they earned it as a regular soldier would.

What country is Xerxes based on?

Judging from the architecture, style of dress and cultural similarities, it is more than likely that Xerxes is based on the civilization of Persian Empire. This would also tie into the fact that much of the Fullmetal Alchemist canon is based on Ancient Greek culture and hermeneutics.

What is Amestris based off of?

Fullmetal Alchemist is actually set in Amestris, a fictional country that is loosely based on real-world Germany, with influences from many other European countries and cultures.

Who assassinated Xerxes?

King Xerxes Was Assassinated By His Own Advisor. In 465 BC, Xerxes and his son Darius were reportedly assassinated by Artabanus, a powerful figure in the Persian court. Artabanus’ origins are unclear; he was likely one of Xerxes’ foremost officials or perhaps even a member of the royal bodyguard.

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