Is Yelena a traitor?

Is Yelena a traitor? Yelena was one of the marleyans who came with them. But yelena betrayed the marlyans and joined forces with the eldians to help them build up sea ports, railway tracks and what not which the eldians had no idea of because they were so behind of these technologies from the rest of the world.

How tall is Yelena? Quick post about Yelena’s height because I did the thing and figured this out for all the snk fans who have entirely the right amount of obsession with this fantastic genderfuck of a queer character that Isayama dropped on us in 105. So yeah, methods and stuff to follow.

Why did Zeke and Eren not touch in Marley? It is because that Zeke Yeager wasn’t sure of Erens’ true intentions while in Marley. And to prove it, Eren Yeager must bring his older half-Brother into Paradise Island. It was a trust exercise between half-blood siblings.

Why did Yelena make that face? From what we know from the original manga and the context of the whole scene, Yelena uses this facial expression to show that she knew that Armin was not going to adhere to her plan like he was supposed to, and the expression was used to show him that.

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Is Yelena a girl AOT?

Yelena is a very tall woman with her blonde hair styled in a short bob with straight bangs. She has large black eyes, thick eyelashes and somewhat androgynous features due to her build and style.

Is Sasha taller than Mikasa?

Interesting fact: Mikasa (176 cm) and Sasha (173 cm) are the 2nd and 3rd tallest female characters in Attack on Titan, falling below only to Yelena (190 cm)

How old is Gabi from AOT?

When is Eren Yeager’s birthday?

Kenny Ackerman40-45⁶6’3″ / 190cm
YelenaN/A6’3″ / 190cm
Gabi Braun12⁵4’6″ / 138cm
Porco GalliardN/A⁵5’8″ / 175cm

Why is Yelena working with Eren?

According to Yelena, she did so because she wanted Eren to take action which would subsequently trigger the military into taking action as well. Just like Eren, she too believed that Paradis was running out of time to counter the threat from Marley.

Is Yelena AOT a villain?

Type of Villain. Yelena is a major character in the final story arcs of the manga Attack on Titan, first appearing as a major antagonist in the Marley arc, then serving as the secondary antagonist of the first half of the War for Paradis arc and finally a supporting character in its second half.

What episode is Yelena meme?

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 2 has fans flooding Twitter with Yelena memes. The Attack on Titan fandom has been rejoicing in the release of the final season of the series.

Did Pieck have crush on Yelena?

Most of the fans of this ship started shipping the two of them when Pieck confessed she had a personal interest in Yelena.

How old is Yelena?

According to Screen Rant, Yelena is in her mid-30s during Phase 4 of the MCU when her sister Natasha dies.

Is Yelena in love with Zeke?

Yelena acted solely out of love for Zeke, with no ideological prompting or vengeful spark helping her along.

Why did Eren laugh at Sasha’s death?

With this in mind, Eren’s laughter becomes something much more ominous. It becomes a sign of not only despair at losing Sasha but his resignation to the future. Sasha’s death may have been the thing that drove Eren over the edge, forcing him to confront the absurdity of resisting his fate.

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