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Is Zephyr a good Mech Arena?

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Is Zephyr a good Mech Arena? Zephyr has decent health, speed and energy capacity make him a fine brawler mech, but with his ability zephyr becomes a powerhouse in the frontlines. If you get stunned by zephyr, its most likely already over, as zephyr will get easy backdamage on your mech while you are unable to stop it.

How do you get free coins on Mech Arena? Fight up close in the Mech Arena. Run missions at the Mesa Verde facility, or take your combat to the stars at Elon Station Gray. Shoot down enemy mechs under the neon lights of the Forbidden City, or fight through the frost of Patterson Station.

How do you access the Mech Arena test server?

How do I log into my Mech Arena? Mech Arena

  • Start Mech Arena on mobile and tap your avatar.
  • Open the Connection tab.
  • Tap “Sign in with Plarium ID” in the Connection tab.
  • If you have a Plarium ID, enter your details and tap “Log in”. …
  • Open Plarium Play on your PC and make sure you are logged in with the same Plarium ID before launching Mech Arena.

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How do you get 15000 coins in Mech Arena?

Refer your friends via a special invitation link, add them in the game (they will automatically send you a friend request!), and claim rewards for every new Pilot you bring. Up to 15000 A-Coins can be yours, so don’t miss this chance!

Is Killshot the best mech in Mech Arena?

Killshot is a medium energy mech with the highest functional speed in the game. Its highly flexible nature combined with a powerful dash, dealing more damage than a railgun shot, relatively high energy, and decent healthpool makes killshot in the eyes of many players the uncontested king of the arena.

Is arachnos free in Mech Arena?

Arachnos is a rare attacker mech. Its the first mech to not be introduced into the XP progress path. Instead it is unlocked for free through a derby event, allowing you to use him after completing a set of quests each day.

How much is Ares in Mech Arena?

112,500 credits. Mech Purchase Cost

Ares 12-24 112,500 credits
Stalker 12-24 Event Crate
Tengu 8-16 Event Crate
Cheetah 10-16 4,325 A-coins

Is Ares a good mech in Mech Arena?

Its overall design is very similar to that of Juggernaut, but its higher speed, stronger shield and no ability duration makes Ares a much more aggressively capable mech, as well as providing shelter for weaker mechs behind its massive shield.

How do I get my Mech Arena account back?

On the loading screen, you can choose the correct connection and log in to your main account. If this guide did not help you or your lost account wasn’t connected, please contact us via the form: Make sure to indicate your game ID. We will be happy to help you!

Is MD a good mech?

With decent HP and speed, and a very low profile, M.D. is a fine mech. But when healing large groups of teammates and being protected by Ares or Juggernaut, breaking up a big coordinated push will take alot of coordination. It serves the same role as Brickhouse, making your team gain a massive edge.

What is the best gun in Mech Arena?

Graviton Beam 16 is the most powerful weapon available in Mech Arena: it will quite literally crush all opposition, and pairing it with Asami – the Legendary Pilot specializing in Beam Weapons – would be an excellent move.

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