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Should rewatch be hyphenated?

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Should rewatch be hyphenated? My “Cambridge International Dictionary of English” does not list “rewatch” as a word (and my computer has just underlined it in red to indicate that it does not recognise it as a word”, so I would say that “re-watch” is the answer to your question.

What means repeat after me? Phrase. please repeat after me. A request for the interlocutor to repeat what the speaker says next. Often used in language training.

What words should not be hyphenated? Never hyphenate compounds including an adverb (generally, a word ending in ‘ly’), whether attributive or predicative. ‘carefully laid plans’ not ‘carefully-laid plans’. ‘The acting, direction, script and plot were terrible, but at least the wardrobe was high quality. ‘

How do you use rewatch in a sentence? to view (a television program, movie, video clip, etc.) again, having already seen it at least once: I’m rewatching the first two seasons of the show before season three premieres next month.

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Why did the word today used to be hyphenated?

This is part of a pattern for compound words over time. When first used, a compound word is often spelled as two words. As it becomes more common, the two words are connected with a hyphen, and eventually become a single word.

What is the synonym of replay?

repetition, rerun, recap, rehash, echo, recite, reiterate, renew, restate, recapitulation, reiteration, reproduction, epitomize, outline, paraphrase, recount, repeat, rephrase, review, reword.

What rewatch means?

Definition of rewatch. transitive verb. : to watch (something, such as a movie or television program) again … able to watch and rewatch the fascinating, colorful mixture of abstract and impressionist images … —

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Table of Contents
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