Was Junko crushed?

Was Junko crushed? She holds up a peace sign and grins in maniacal triumph as she approaches her demise, but the compactor stalls just as her chair goes under it. Just as Junko looks up in confusion, the block comes down, crushing her to death and splattering blood everywhere.

Is Junko a gyaru? As you know, Junko is a gyaru. In the gyaru subculture, hair bleaching is fairly common so it’s likely that Junko’s hair is naturally red, this is actually hinted in her official art as her tips have a red/pinkish tone to them.

What was the most tragic event in history Danganronpa? The biggest, most awful, most tragic event in all of Hope’s Peak Academy’s history was actually only the beginning to what would be the world’s end. This event lead the Reserve Course students to rebel…

What is Junko’s real name? Ryōko Otonashi

Junko Enoshima
Full nameJunko Enoshima
AliasMonokuma (drag king persona) Ryōko Otonashi (amnesiac identity) Alter Ego Junko (as Alter Ego A.I.) Shirokuma (Ultra Despair Girls) Kurokuma (Ultra Despair Girls)
SpeciesHuman (originally) Alter Ego A.I.
TitleDespair Sisters (with Mukuro) The Mastermind

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What mental illness does Junko?

Theory: Junko Enoshima has Anti-Social Personality Disorder, specifically Sociopathy. Some people would say she’s a psychopath, but I feel like she would more likely have a severe case of Sociopathy, as opposed to Psychopathy. By severe I mean, it’s gone untreated for so long that it’s made her fairly unstable.

Who is Junko Enoshima in love with?

Junko had romantic feelings for Yasuke, referring to them as “lovers”, though Yasuke denied this. Junko had a strong desire to “paint the world in despair” and planned to start The Tragedy, the worst, most despair-inducing incident in the history of mankind.

Why was Mukuro disguised as Junko?

To ensure Junko could monitor the game from the outside and not raise any suspicion, Mukuro disguised herself as her sister and pretended to also be a victim forced into the killing game until she was able to exit via faking a rule break after the first murder.

Who built Monokuma?

Created byKazutaka Kodaka
Designed byRui Komatsuzaki
Voiced byEnglish Brian Beacock (video games) Greg Ayres (anime) Japanese Nobuyo Ōyama TARAKO (Killing Harmony) German Santiago Ziesmer
In-universe information

Who is Junko’s best friend?

Yasuke Matsuda is the Ultimate Neurologist and member of Class 77-A of Hope’s Peak Academy. He is Junko Enoshima’s childhood friend and current boyfriend.

Is Ryoko a Junko?

Ryoko is an amnesiac fake identity of Junko Enoshima. She was created after The Tragedy of Hope’s Peak Academy, when Yasuke was asked to interrogate Junko about the incident. Instead, he reluctantly assisted Junko by testing procedures for memory-erasing in preparation for the Killing School Life of 78th Class.

Who killed yasuke Matsuda?

During its experimental stages, Ryoko had to constantly receive “treatments” from Yasuke in order for the memory-erasure to not wear off. Unfortunately, it does, and Junko regains her memories, killing Yasuke in a fit of despair.

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