Was menma murdered?

Was menma murdered? Death Death. It was never actually shown what happened to Menma, but the anime indicates that she slipped and fell while chasing Jinta and drowned in a river nearby.

How old is naruko in Anohana?

Naruko “Anaru” Anjou
Affiliation:Super Peace Busters

Is Jintan smart? Jintan is pretty smart and can pick up new information pretty quickly, but he’s so apathetic and lazy he’d rather shut himself in than deal with school.

Will there be a season 2 of Anohana? AnoHana Original anime gets a sequel story. The sequel takes place ten years after the end of the anime and was written by screenwriter Mari Okada. The performance will take place on Aug, exactly ten years after the end of the events in the series, as part of the big event for the 10th anniversary.

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Who does Chiriko Tsurumi end up with?

In the credits of the last episode, Chiriko and Atsumu are seen together opening up to each other, it is also seen that Atsumu gave his extra hairpin that he kept (the one like Meiko’s) to Chiriko. Atsumu and her are seen together so often that they are mistaken for lovers by their classmates and a shopkeeper.

Does Anohana have a good ending?

10/10 Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. The ending is devastating, and it’s impossible not to shed tears during it, but the hopefulness and renewed bonds between the characters are truly moving.

Does Yukiatsu like menma?

Yukiatsu: Yukiatsu as a child seems similar to himself in high school but a major di erence is his attitude towards other people. At rst he seems cold to the members of the Peace Busters but it soon turns to anger and jealousy because he likes Menma and he is angry that Jintan is able to see her when he cannot.

Is Jintan in love with menma?

Meiko “Menma” Honma Meiko “Menma” Honma. As shown throughout the anime, Jinta has romantic feelings for Menma as he was deeply affected by her death. These feelings were present since childhood, but he never wanted to admit it until after Menma’s death.

Why did Yukiatsu dress as menma?

Throughout the series, he constantly antagonizes his former friends, mainly Jinta. Yukiatsu puts on a dress to attempt to fool his friends into believing that Meiko returns and that everyone can see her.

Is Naruko a girl?

Appearance. The female form of Naruto or referred to as Naruko, is a blonde girl with two pigtails, She is always seen with either mist or smoke around her body or using the clothes naruto use anyway.

What was Menma’s wish?

Menma’s wish was to reunite the Super Peace Busters, to really hear what Jinta has to say, before she died to grant the wish of Jinta’s mother and to have proper goodbyes. It said that they won’t have proper goodbyes if they don’t find Menma, thats why Menma appeared again to properly say goodbye.

Does Menma come back to life?

It is later revealed that Menma came back in order to fulfill the wish of Jinta’s mother to teach Jinta how to cry.

Do Anaru and Jintan get together?

Anaru and Jintan are not in a relationship, but she still has strong feelings for him. Meanwhile, Poppo married a foreign woman named Stephanie and had two children.

Who does Anaru end up with?

When Jintan asks if she doesn’t want to marry him, she splutters and awkwardly admits that she does want to do that, but she was expecting them to date first. The others take this as confirmation that Jintan and Anaru are now an item. The people in charge of the “anohana 10 Years After” were: Mari Okada – Scriptwriter.

Did Menma turn evil?

Unlike Naruto, Menma fully embraced his world’s version of Kurama and became evil. Obito took Menma’s body as his own to interact with the world he created while using the youth to battle Naruto.

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