Was Neferpitou a boy or a girl?

Was Neferpitou a boy or a girl? In Hunter × Hunter Battle Collection, Neferpitou is a female. The first half of Neferpitou’s name probably comes from an Egyptian male deity (the god Nefertem) and the second half probably from the female panther called Pitou (a French character for children).

What animal is Neferpitou? Pitou was a cat Chimera Ant, and like a cat, loved to play with their opponents like a cat would with their prey. Despite their cheerful and playful manner though, Pitou had a cruel and terrifying personality as well.

Are there any LGBT characters in HXH? Alluka is the most acclaimed character in HXH as far as clear LGBT representation goes. Her characterization is genius, carefully inserting common transgender themes without directly calling attention to this subtext.

Why do they call Pitou a boy? In the manga, they seem to refer to Neferpitou as a guy but the anime made him a girl. In the manga, Neferpitou was made to be a dude. In the anime, Neferpitou was made more out to appear like a girl. … Togashi confirmed Pitou to be a male.

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What pronouns does Pitou use?

Quote: Pitou is always referred to as a ‘he’ in the manga, not sure about the anime though. Unless Pitou is actually some sort of androgynous individual, it’s hard to see “her” as a “he”.

How fast is Pitou?

Now the speed of sound is somewhere around 767mi/h (343km/h), and since we know that Pitou can run at 223mi/h (360km/h), that would mean that she is faster than the speed of sound by 544mi/h (17km/h).

How old is Pitou in human years?

Pitou is the first to perish, at the ripe old age of 71 days, after which come Pouf at 69, and Youpi at 46.

How evil is Neferpitou?

Pitou was once ferocious, and acted from her animal instincts, but she was never truly evil. evil and ferocious are two different things. But pitou later changed. she is now pure good.

Why is Neferpitou so strong?

The overwhelming strength of the royal guard can be attributed to: They are born able to use nen, unlike human most nen users who are “baptised”. This gives them an advantage because their understanding and ability to use nen is innate, not learned through years of training and study.

How old is the youngest Zoldyck?

Alluka is 11 years old to Killua’s 12, and their two older brothers, Illumi and Milluki, are 17 and 24 respectively. Kalluto, the initially shy boy who bears his fangs when he joins the Phantom Troupe as their new #4, is age 10, making him a year younger than Alluka and the youngest of all five Zoldyck children.

What is Neferpitou age?

71 days. 16/16 Hunter x Hunter Characters Statistics Chart

Machi Komacine24159 cm (5’2.5″)
Nobunaga Hazama28183 cm (6 ft)
Feitan Portor28155 cm (5’1″)
Neferpitou71 days175 cm (5’8″)
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