Was Parona pregnant To Your Eternity?

Was Parona pregnant To Your Eternity? That was her husband and she was pregnant. Hayase said it herself she would feel bad for cutting her stomach. So that literally confirms she was pregnant… Parona’s death and pregnancy wasn’t shown in the manga that’s why it was surprising for me.

Does Pioran get reincarnated? Pioran was the first known character to intentionally reincarnate, though relied on the Beholder to do so.

Does Rean get revived? After the battle, Rean awakes from her injuries and rushes to Booze Man’s house. Fushi sees her coming takes Gugu’s form. Rean rushes into his arms, ecstatic he is okay and shouts that she loves him.

Why does Hayase keep licking Fushi? She leans in and licks his face continuously but because of the drug, he’s frozen in place. While Fushi remains stuck in his hallucination, Hayase strips naked and crawls on top of his body, her expression wild. The scene is absolutely awful but Hayase’s sexual assault is stopped just in time thanks to Tonari.

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Does Fushi have a love interest?

The Beholder makes to decision to transform himself into a twelve-year-old boy, calling himself Satoru, ultimately abandoning his creation. Fushi meets a boy named Yuki, and Mizuha, who falls in love with him, angering her mother.

Does Fushi forget March?

However, Fushi doesn’t remember March because that vessel was stolen from him in Takunaha. Pioran is taken aback and tries to explain to Fushi who March is, but he still doesn’t remember her in the slightest.

How did Parona died in To Your Eternity?

While he is asleep, Hayase approaches him and licks his face. Hayase joins the battle to become the leader of the island. She faces off with Fushi. She tells Fushi that she killed Parona as a gift to him by ripping out her intestines and cutting off her head.

Who kills Hayase?

When he pushes her away, she begs him to kill her so that he can take her form. Fushi instead creates another boat, and rows away from her, leaving her to die tied up in the middle of the ocean. While she drifts, a nokker climbs into the boat and attacks her, presumably the same one that entered her arm earlier.

Does March get revived To Your Eternity?

After the battle is won, March decides that she doesn’t want to grow up without Fushi and lets herself get poisoned by Hairo. She gets resurrected in the Modern Arc where she is “adopted” by a family in Ninannah, but as soon as she finds out that Fushi is alive, she decides to live with him.

Can Fushi revive the dead?

After being asked to revive a lord’s daughter, Fushi unknowingly demonstrated his ability to revive the dead, needing only to recreate their body for their Fye to return to.

Who is the main villain in to your eternity?


SpeciesHuman (originally) Evolved Human (via Nokker)

Does Fushi have a kid?

Simply put, all the major relationships in Fushi’s life have been analogues to major relationships for a human being. But Fushi still lacks two of the most important human relationships: lover and children.

What is the saddest death in To Your Eternity?

The Nameless Boy’s death was heart-wrenching because To Your Eternity had formed an attachment with him in a very short amount of time, only to lose him at the end of Episode 1. We cried about March, a sweet little girl who dreamt about growing up but died too young.

Did Hayase take Parona face?

Aftermath. After Fushi captures Hayase on Jananda Island, it is revealed that Hayase murdered Parona at some point and repaired her facial injuries with Parona’s skin.

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