Was Popee the Performer for kids?

Was Popee the Performer for kids? Popee the Performer is a 2001 children’s anime and directorial debut of Ryuji Masuda, who would later go on to create Mr. Stain on Junk Alley and Funny Pets.

When was Popee born? Stain, Popee the Performer and Funny Pets. He has been known to be active in both his native Kumamoto and Okinawa.

Ryuji Masuda
増田 龍治
Born1968 (age 53–54) Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
OccupationAnimation director
Notable workPopee the Performer, Mr. Stain, Funny Pets

What is the frog saying at the end of Popee the Performer? Frog is shown hopping off, exclaiming “ケダモノのかおわ。。。!” (Kedamono no kao wa…! “Ke… Kedamono’s face is…!”) over and over while Popee and Kedamono chase after him. Frog’s exclaimations wake Papi, Paola, and Alien.

Who is Eepop? Eepop (鏡ポピー lit. Mirror Popee) is a character who appeared in episode 33, 「MIRROR」, Eepop is a mirror version of Popee, essentially Popee’s opposite.

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How old is Popee?

Popee (ポピー Popī) is the titular main protagonist of the 2001 anime series Popee the Performer and its manga spin-off Popee’s Cartoon. He is a seventeen-year-old apprentice clown at Wolf Circus and the only son of the senior clown, Papi.

What is behind Kedamono’s mask?

In wearing the mask, Kedamono is intentionally disguising himself as a human, and disguising the fact that he is a wolf.

Is Popee the performer a kid show?

Popee The Performer is a 3D animated kids show created by Ryuji Masuda. The show aired on TV back in 2001-2003 in Japan and it lasted three seasons with 40 episodes that have around a 4-5 minute long runtime.

What language is Popee the Performer?

Main Theme and Variations. A “Japanese” version with actual lyrics. The instrumental version. Papi the Clown (An alternate version for Papi)

Who is Popee the Performer Sister?

Marifa is Popee’s younger sister, though it is possible they are not related by blood. She only exists outside of the televised world. She is 13 years old, and appears to be a performer like the rest of her family. She is a trickster, and “probably” a girl.

Is Popee a girl or boy?

Gender. Where it has been confirmed in the past that Popee is male, a recent thread from Wakako Masuda suggests that, while Popee was said to be a boy, his gender is more complex than “male or female”. He does not want to commit to a label of “male” or “female”, and instead just wants to do what he wants.

Who is the White Wolf in Popee the Performer?

The White Wolf is the second 2D character on the show, the first being the UFO Girls. Although previously disconfirmed by the creator, when a fan asked on instagram, Wakako Masuda revealed that the White Wolf is, in fact, Kedamono’s mother.

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