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Was the rat killed in the abyss?

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Was the rat killed in the abyss? According to the studio, the rumor that a real rat drowned during the making of the film is false. Five rats were used to film the drowning sequence and they all lived.

How deep is the hole in made in abyss? The vertical hole has a diameter of around 1,000 meters and is at least 20,000 meters deep, with its exact depth being currently unknown. It possesses a unique ecosystem, wherein lie the remnants of an ancient, yet advanced, civilization.

Who is Alice in Pandora Hearts? Alice is the main character of anime, manga series Pandora Hearts. During the Tragedy of Sablier, Alice killed herself in order to stop Jack Vessalius from using both her twin sister and Oz the B-Rabbit to destroy the world. She is voiced by Ayako Kawasumi.

Does Vincent cheat on Katherine? He admits he was cheating on a girl with the same name as her, but he ended it and is done with her. Katherine admits that she found that her pregnancy was a false alarm, but didn’t tell Vincent sooner despite her relief because she felt that he would leave her.

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How old is Oz in Pandora Hearts?

The Pandora Hearts manga and anime series features an extensive cast of fictional characters created by Jun Mochizuki. The series revolves around Oz, heir to the Vessalius Dukedom, who has just turned fifteen.

Is there any romance in Pandora Hearts?

It’s implied that Alice is in love with the MC, but it’s never explicitly stated. I read the manga though, not sure if the anime is different. Kativera said: It’s implied that Alice is in love with the MC, but it’s never explicitly stated.

Does Ada Love Vincent?

Despite this, Vincent finally admitted to Ada that he had never liked her and decided he wanted to separate from her. Ada adored Vincent and still waited for him even after, but Vincent had told Gilbert to tell her he was dead so she wouldn’t wait on him forever.

Does Alice Love Oz?

Alice has always loved Oz dearly, being the one to bring one of his bodies out of the Abyss again after he was born. Oz cherishes Alice, not only because she resembles Lacie greatly, but because her happiness brings him happiness.

Who is the villain in Pandora Hearts?

Jack Vessalius is the main antagonist of Pandora Hearts. He is the instigator of the Tragedy of Saiber instead of being the Hero of Saiber as previously thought. He is the “hero” of one-hundred years ago and the one who “defeated” Glen Baskerville.

How long was Oz in the abyss?

Oz makes a contract with her so they can both escape the abyss. Upon returning to the real world, he discovers that 10 years have passed.

What is the most popular ship in Pandora Hearts?

EllLeo is the most popular ship within the Pandora Hearts fandom. Elliot and Leo are believed to have the most chemistry of any other pairings.

What happened to Ada in Pandora Hearts?

Her life would continue uneventfully until age eight, when Oz disappeared into Abyss. Though Ada wished to know the circumstances of her brother’s disappearance, she was kept in the dark by the adults around her, even as Gilbert abandoned her family and joined their political rival, Nightray.

Does Leon have a crush on Ada?

10/15 Leon Has Strong Feelings For Ada Wong. Kennedy maintains an uncanny relationship with Ada Wong throughout the series. For him to look the other way on Ada Wong’s illegal acts shows that Leon S. Kennedy must have some pretty strong feelings for her.

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